Angel’s Numerology One:

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Prayer is the most obvious (and effective) way to invoke the presence of angels, thus obtaining coded messages through angel numerology. For this, you can communicate directly with your guardian angel through a simple prayer of protection.

Remember that in order to pray successfully, you must focus your energy and attention, find inner peace, and breathe steadily.  Let love flow harmoniously. Any prayer works, and by that, we mean that you may also choose to establish a more direct conversation with your guardian angel. Remember: Your angel will always be with you, so don’t be shy! If you need any help to get going, here’s a great start:

Prayer to my Guardian Angel

Angel of God

My Guardian dear

To whom His love

Commits me here

Ever this day

Be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide


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  1. Randy

    my holy Angels would help me out cuz I summon thee from the air in the heavens Jesus Christ I declare decree and claim and summons the listening hear the voices of angels in heaven those that keeps me right and Logan patch the way I like should be Richard Fuller better in life in Jesus holding a nice creature and claim the holy Jesus Christ and angels real name website

  2. Christopher Dzansi

    Well done for taking care of me all this days.
    Lead me to my destinations of success.

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