Numerology: Number 4

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Numerology Number 4

Numerology: The Life Path Number

Your Numerology Life Path number is the most important number derived from your date of birth.  It can never change. This number provides insights into your innate talents and strengths. These talents must be activated to fully realize their potential.  As there are talents and strengths, there are also challenges and weaknesses. 

Numerology of Life Path Number 4

The Numerology of Life Path Number 4 is a road of building stability.   Your life purpose is to be a builder of systems, efficiency and strong foundations.  Teaching others to build systems is also part of your life path.

Positive Traits of the Numerology Life Path Number 4: loyal, hard-working, problem solver, organized, excellent student and teacher of systems and efficiency, strong morals and values.

Challenging Traits of the Life Path 4: rigid, single minded, stubborn, overly cautious, tendency to reside in comfort zone, over dedicated to a fault.

Numerology: The Attitude Number 

Your attitude number is also derived from your date of birth.  It refers to your general approach to life. If your Life Path number does not resonate with you, it could be due to your attitude number.

Attitude Number 4

Individuals with a Numerology Attitude number of 4 approach life in a systematic nature.  They act in a competent, honest and straight forward manner. They are detail oriented and well organized in their planning.

Numerology: The Soul, or Soul Urge Number

The Soul Number, also often called the Soul Urge Number, is derived from your official birth name.  Your Soul Number refers to your inner most desires, motivations and how you express love. 

Soul Number 4

A Numerology Soul Number 4’s inner most desire is feeling secure in every area of their lives.  They also desire to help others solve problems. Soul Number 4’s are dedicated and committed in love. They desire to build a solid foundation with their partner and then continue building upwards.

Numerology: The Destiny Number 

Your Destiny Number is also derived from your official birth name.  Your Destiny Number refers to your personal purpose and your purpose to society at large. 

Destiny Number 4

As a Numerology Destiny Number 4, your personal purpose is to create order while trusting your instincts.  Your communal purpose is to provide order and security. It is also to help teach others how to do things in steps and stages.  

Astrological Associations: Numerology Number 4

The number 4 is associated with the 4th house of the zodiac. The fourth house is known as the house of family. In terms of its ties to the numerology number 4, it would have to do with family security and building the family system.  Building a stable and secure home is extremely important to those with a Life Path Numerology Number 4. 

Numerology Number 4 is associated with the Moon’s North Node. This lunar node is also referred to as Rahu in Vedic astrology.  The north node is known for its associations with family, alliances and links with others. It also points to a person’s current destiny. 

Tarot Associations: Numerology Number 4

The numerology of number 4 is associated with the Emperor card in the Tarot. The Emperor is a builder of systems. He is a man who has secured a stable foundation and has built upon it. He has provided security to his family, alliances and colleagues. 

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