Divine Numerology Numbers and God

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Is God a Numerology Number?

It has been speculated that perhaps God is an equation or a pattern that contains the entirety of numbers within its infrastructure.  Numerologists and those involved with Sacred geometry think that there are sequences, such as the God Number of 112358134711, which speak of a higher and more profound nature.  This number is linked to the Kabbalah and the Fibonacci Sequence and always comes back to the master numerology number 11. 

Some numerologists claim that if you add up the series of numbers 1123581347 without the final 11, you get 8, the number of eternity and infinity.  Also, if you allow the number 11 to repeat all the way to the end, you end up on 10, the divine and magical number with symbolism in the Kabbalah, Gematria, and the tarot.  While this can speak magnitude to numerologists, others view it as any end number could be given some mysterious or divine significance. 

Divine Numerology Number 7

The importance of the numerology number 7 in the Judeo-Christian tradition of importance appears throughout holy texts.  There are 21 Old Testament writers.  Among those, seven are mentioned in the New testament.  The numeric value of those seven names adds up to 1,554, which is 222 X 7. God describes man’s years as three scores and 10, 70.  God formed man in Genesis 2:7 from the dust of the earth, and we know that the human body is made of the same elements found in that same dust of the earth—14, or 2X7. 

These could be nothing more than a collection of evidential situations found in the texts that point to the numerology number 7.  It could be called confirmation bias. Perhaps the same perusal of the texts turns up just as many references to the number 42.  However, no matter how many numbers repeat how many times, one cannot help but feel there is significance to the constant repetition of just a handful of numbers, over and over, and how often they seem to link science and spirit, universal structure, and the nature of the divine.

Divine Numerology Number 777

Perhaps the God Number exists far closer to home than the outer reaches of an expanding universe.  Others involved in the Bible Code interpretation and sacred numbers in the Old and New Testament suggest that perhaps’ God’s Number should be 777, the triplicate of the divine and lucky number 7.

Divine Numerology Number 333Christians also point to the numerology number 333 as being the numerology number of God.  We recall 666 is the number of God’s adversary, the Beast of Revelation, the anti-Christ of the Apocalypse. The number 333 is considered holy because of the divine nature of the triune, tripled.  The number 3, as presented in earlier chapters, holds such a high place in the numerological hierarchy of numbers, and tripled imbues it with profound holiness and power.  God becomes “three times holy” as in Isiah 6:3.

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