Intuition for Decisions Make the Right Choice Every Time

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Your intuition is your trusted guide.

You make choices every day, at every moment. When you know how to tune into your intuition for answers, you can make the right choice in divine timing at every moment.

Listening to your intuition will guide you toward your soul’s purpose and destiny.

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  1. SoulShine 777

    Kari- you inspire me and uplift my spirits, no matter what, every time. Thank you for sharing your light!! ❤️🙏☀️🌱🤟🏼

  2. Charmaine Embleton

    😘💝🙏 Kari thank you for this 💝 you inspire me 💖 my spirit uplifting ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Sean Balfour

    thankyou, the last two years of my life has been extreemly hard, leaving my wife loosing the family unit, not going back, as the change has not happened on both sides, spending time alone, working hard for sometimes i dont why.
    i feel like im being led to a new life, deep healing as my relationship made me trials with addiction, and every other trial including a massive car crash, keeps leading me on…sorry for over sharing, but hey i think we need a bit of vunerabilty in our society.

    1. C.

      Sean Balfour – We all need to share sometimes. Hang in there!

    2. Jacqueline Parks

      You are leading yourself to a new life. Your Higher Self knows where you need to go. As Gabby Bernstein says, sometimes our Higher Self leads us to make mistakes so we can learn lessons.

    3. Paradigm Shift Poetry

      Thanks for sharing, my journey over the last 2 years has been similar but I trust it’s because i’m growing beyond the people, places and things that were in my life, and better is on it’s way, trust that better is in store for you too

  4. Leon Louis Walker

    Thank you for sharing this information with us Kari Samuels 🙏🏾🌍💡😇🧚🏻‍♂️

  5. Alla Kozyreva

    When i was watching this video, without having any intention, I could see your aura. To me it looked like pure white. I am wondering if your aura is indeed white? ❤️

    1. Hailey Unger

      Energy Of Bliss this is cool because without intention I saw her guides. I’ve never seen anything like this around someone before!!!

    2. Alla Kozyreva

      Hailey Unger Wow! Amazing indeed! ✨✨✨

    3. Silvia N

      I also noticed something around you. To me it looked almost it had no color, it was just very bright 🙂

    4. Alla Kozyreva

      Silvia N How wonderful!!!✨✨✨

    5. Alexandra Rascia

      I saw it also

  6. Valerie B

    Spirit gave me answers thru this video. I’ve been asking for clarity on making decisions. I have so many hits on my interests that it’s hard to hone in on what’s next. Thank you for helping to clarify my decision making. I’m going over this and applying the tips.

    1. C.

      Valerie – Same here. ☺

  7. TaWanda Haynes

    Oh wow thank you,peace and blessings I really needed this.If you are reading this may you have love and peace in your heart

  8. Ivana Hodak

    I really loved this video.This process sounds fun and easy and I will definitely try it!Thank you 😊❤💕

  9. Christina Lannan

    Thank you 🌼❤️ Great topic 💕💕💕

  10. Anne Francis-Nee

    Thank you so much, the timing of this couldn’t have been any better, just made a decision this morning and your video has just confirmed so much for me.

  11. Johnnie Shreve

    I’m glad I found this,I have to make a decision to leave my job. I’ve been having anxiety over it. I’ve been at the same place 24 years. It’s all I know but I don’t have any direction right now

  12. Katie Maniaci

    I’ve been really sick lately. My body is definitely telling me I need a change


    Omg this video has changed my whole life I have discovered so much new and critical information I need to grow into the future! Thank u

  14. Holly Pierce

    You are amazing! Your sweet energy makes me smile each time I watch a video. Thank you for all that you do! 😇

  15. TheReal CattoGaming

    I started using intuition to grocery shop when the desicions became too much lol 😂 ocd add break 😂🤪😂🦄🌻🦄

  16. Mamerto Borjal

    hi Mam, thank you so much from your offer, was that i put my camera, or i will feed here a message but its better by camera, a lot of learning objectives what you give it to me thank you again

  17. R G

    Seeing this right on time! Thank you 🙏🏼

  18. Kaela McGuire

    This popped up at the Perfect time. Of course. Thank you 💜

  19. Mamerto Borjal

    hI mM Kari, hard to manifest using heart what I desire

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