Libra Full Moon Forecast (March 28th) With Astrologer Kelli Fox

You are currently viewing Libra Full Moon Forecast (March 28th) With Astrologer Kelli Fox

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The Libra full moon arrives on March 28th, bringing with it an overwhelming desire for balance and harmony. We love Libra because it acts as our North Star of compassion, justice, and peace in the world… and more specifically – in our relationships.

The bright light of this full lunation is going to be shining directly onto our relationships. You’ll suddenly become very aware of what each of the relationships in your life is really like. And you will feel compelled to bring them into balance.

Libra is often misunderstood for being IN balance when in reality the nature of Libra is to SEEK balance. And that’s what Libra is good at… seeing the imbalances, spotting the bumps in the road, noticing where the confrontations lie – and then fixing them to be more harmonious and balanced.

So if you were panicking because you don’t feel balanced during this Libra full moon – relax. breathe. You’re doing it right. You are not supposed to “feel balanced”, you are supposed to go out there and seek balance.

The Full Moon occurs on March 28th, 2021, at 8º of Libra at the following times…

11:48 in Los Angeles
14:48 in New York
18:48 GMT
20:48 in Paris
21:48 in Moscow
00:18 in Delhi
02:48 in Hong Kong
03:48 in Tokyo
05:48 in Sydney

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