Life Path Numerology and your relationships (+ Mercury goes direct!)

Life Path Numerology and your relationships (+ Mercury goes direct!)

Mercury just went direct! The trickster planet is still up to some mayhem.

During this Mercury Retrograde, you might have been revisited by past loves and relationships.

Your Life Path Number in Numerology can help you have better relationships. Each Life Path Number responds to relationships and the world very differently.

Knowing your Life Path Number and those of your spouse, partner and children can help you in all areas of your life.

In this video, I share with you how you can use your Life Path Number for better relationships, career and happiness.

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  1. I’m a life path 3! Love you Kari!

  2. I am a Life Path #6 (9/16/1961) and I would like to know when romantic love relationship will come into my life? Are there specific life path numbers that are more compatible with my 6? Go Virgos Kari! Thank you!

  3. Kari…Kari here haha I am a Virgo too. Wow, how cool 2 Kari’s that are both Virgo. 🌬💜🌬💜

    1. Oh I love that soooo much!!

    2. @Kari Samuels I do too as well I Love you Kari as soon as I can afford to get the course I am most definitely getting it. Thank you for being exactly who you are! Love & Light to you always and in ALL ways! 🌬💜🌬💜🌬💜

  4. Hi you lovely ladies, my life path number is 7 birthday 19/07/1979. I would love and really appreciate some insight into family and my career please. Love and Light xxx

  5. 08/26/73 life path 9 When will the true and consistent supporters / team members show up in the physical to assist with my mission?

  6. My life path is a 9 same as you Kari if I remember correctly! My dob 5/23/61

  7. Dang it… this was a Facebook live replay…? Wish you would’ve done a YouTube live as well! 😉 Or did I miss it?? Blessings from another Virgo! 🤗

  8. I equate Mercury direct like being when you have a car in reverse and then you shift into drive while it’s still rolling backwards

  9. Way to represent us Virgos! 😁💓

  10. Hi Carrie so nice to see you. My birthday is 11 18 70 and I’m a life path 9 I can’t find any information on it anything you could give me as far as direction for woods going on in my life next with direction of follow I’d appreciate it thank you so much i

  11. Life path four… Father/3 life path, mother/5 life path and my daughter is a one… You are definitely correct on the authority figures for the 4 life path… I was always afraid of authority until I lost my eyesight and then I could stand up to anyone LOL… I did not have to look at them

  12. My bday is 03/19/1984= Life path #8. I’m struggling to find my passion or path at this time…mostly spiritually. It’s like I’m looking for info but don’t know what to focus on?

  13. 09/17/1952…..I’m a 7 I think. I would like a healthy relationship with a man and it appears to elude me or it’s not time, I don’t know. I have done and still do a lot of self love work, I’m an empath, an artist and vegan. Can you give me any ideas if I am missing something….. actually I don’t even know how to formulate the question I wanna ask you so I’ll just leave it at this. Thank you so much Kari for everything that you put out on YouTube and Instagram !

  14. I’m a life path 8 and I am more afraid of success than failure! WHAT?

  15. Oh oh i did ask to your crew and yourself on social media when the Cosmic Calendar is coming out LOL thanks @karisamuels for your advices 😉

    1. Hi! We’re working on that now! You’ll have it in early January!

    2. Kari Samuels Thank you so much for your answer 💕

  16. That’s totally it!! The day before and the same day (Wed) the communication mishaps were just constant … crazy was perhaps an understatement ;D

  17. I love how Jess Read the Questions & Kari was able to Zoom right on the information to communicate with the person asking questions 🗝️
    Thank You Kari & Jess ✌️☮️

  18. 💗💗💗 yoü Kari
    My life path is #2
    Thanks so müch

  19. I liked the video. Great explanation of the concept. Start your personalized video numerology report => destinynumbercalculator. com <= (G00GLE it) 💓

  20. I’m just not happy with everything. ? Job and financial problems and other issues

  21. My birthday is 3/31/1976. My life has been like a pandora box….

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