Marie Forleo’s B School bonus with Soul

If there’s a dream in your heart, you’re meant to fulfill it. It’s your destiny! I can help you.
Marie Forleo will teach you everything you need to know about business and I will assist you spiritually, emotionally and energetically.

I’m a psychic and energy healer with a super successful international business. My B School Bonuses include:

GROUP INTUITIVE COACHING AND ENERGY HEALING – bi-weekly during B School so I can assist you with any fears that come up for you, as well as implement all the material you’re learning with Marie.

MY ENTIRE SOUL ARTS ACADEMY LIBRARY – 21 courses covering everything from soul contracts, karma, breaking past life vows, angels, astrology, relationships and more.

CONTINUED SUPPORT FOR 3 MONTHS – In addition to the 8 weeks of weekly coaching calls during B School, after B School is over, you’ll have 3 monthly group coaching and energy healing calls with me. All calls are recorded so you can access them at any time (even if you can’t make them live!).

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