Angel Numerology: an Introduction

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From this day forth, we’ll be investigating the universe of Angel numerology. The power of sacred geometry, the energetic frequency of numbers, and God’s divine wisdom come together to give us a message of love. Come with us to discover all the power of Angel numerology in these series of articles in which we will reveal one by one the mysteries behind each number. 

Can Angels Communicate With Us?

Of course, they can! Angels are everywhere. Some manifest themselves through our dreams; others are sent to us from our loved ones to protect us when we’re in danger. All that divine energy that circulates freely around us often manifests itself with concrete, easy to see messages, so that we may more easily interpret them as divine messages.

There are people with a higher spiritual sensitivity who can more easily pick up on divine messages. Nonetheless, aside from Angel numerology, there are many ways in which Angels communicate with us to give us a message of peace and spiritual support. 

Angel numerology and other Angelical Messages: 

Some signs that an Angel has attempted to communicate with you are:

Dreams: It could be through a direct Angelic manifestation while you sleep or with the apparition of a family member or loved one that brings you a message. 

Changes in Temperature: You know how (at least in movies) when a spiritual being is nearby, the temperature drops dramatically? Well, in the case of Angels, there may be a change in temperature, along with a sense of sudden internal peace.

Physical manifestations: From a feather to a copy of that childhood book that made you feel hugged when you most needed it, Angels can place certain “coincidences” in your path that change the energetic frequency when you’re in danger of having a bad day.

Shapes and other visual manifestations: From the shape of clouds, the paintings in the living room, or inexplicable flashes of light to make you realize you’re beginning to lose your way.

Numbers: Finally, Angel numerology, the Angelical manifestation which is easiest to perceive on a daily basis.

Why Do Angels Communicate With Us?

They’re always there, wanting to talk to us. Keep in mind that the divine mission of the Angels is to protect all of God’s creation, including us. They often protect us from ourselves and from the situations that we’ve created when we stray from the path of virtue.

However, most of us have forgotten the language of divinity. Numbers are a practical and effective way that Angels have found to communicate with us, protect us, and even sometimes support us when things get rough. How can you decipher their messages, you ask? Well, the first thing you must do is accept the message. Just as you must click on an email to read it, you must accept that the Angelic message is there to begin interpreting it.

More specifically: 

Imagine that, once you’ve accepted the existence of this message, you’ve placed some antenna that’ll help you perceive not only the presence of Angel numerology wherever you go but also the association that that message can have on the things you’re going through at that very moment. 

Are you ready to begin this adventure of personal discovery and spiritual growth? Welcome to Angel Numerology!

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