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The Link between Numerology Numbers, the Cosmos, and Music

20th-century French philosopher R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s book, A Study in Numbers was published in 1917.  Lubicz examined numbers not only as symbols of expression but as the purist manner to “convey a cosmogony.”  The Numerology here describes the divine relationship between numbers and music.

Author and researcher Edward Malkowski describes his philosophical insight on numbers as by mirroring Pythagoras’s “All is number” mentality.  Malkowski concludes that “At the heart of Pythagoras’ science of numbers was the belief that all relationships could be reduced to number associations, and that all things are in fact numbered.  This science of number was discovered through the science, or art, of music.  Harmony, another concept rife with mythical allusions, maintains a close relationship to resonance and vibration.

Numerology Numbers and Music Correspondences

Numerology Number One: The Monad—The concept of absolute, the unity of all things, the unchanging “all” from which all other numbers are produced.  Also known as Chaos, Axis, Tower, Styx, Atlas, and the Throne of Jupiter.

Numerology Number Two:  The Duad- Duality and polarity, the most fundamental aspect of all-natural phenomena (not to mention the foundation for Western religious belief in good/evil, light/darkness).

Numerology Number Three:  The Triad – Our first odd number, and the sacred composition of the monad and duad (such as the Holy Trinity), the function of which is to create equilibrium between the monad and duad.

Numerology Number Four:  The Tetrad – The “primogenial number,” the first born of the combined principles of the three number before it.  The basis for all nature in that the tetrad is the sum of 1,2, 3, and 4= 10, the decad.  The number of God.  The four elements.  The four directions.

Numerology Number Five: The Pentad – The union between the first even (2) and odd (3) numbers.  Symbolized a fifth element known as “ether” and symbolic of nature as the Pentacle or five-pointed star.  Pentagrams are considered deeply sacred symbols.  Also symbolized the manifest Universe.

Numerology Number Six:  The Hexad – The formation of matter into the cosmos, space, and time.  Six directions of extension (up, down, left, right, forward, and backward), and the union of the two sexes as in the interlaced triangles of the Star of David or King Soloman’s Seal. Male and female, matter, and spirit.

Numerology Number Seven:  The Heptad – The mystical nature of man.  The marriage of the threefold nature of  mankind (body, mind, and spirit), and the four elements of matter.  Also, the combination of the higher principle of the trinity upon the lower four “moral” principles.

Numerology Number Eight:  The Ogdoad – Renewal and self-replication.  A new unity based upon the fact that eight is divided into two 4s, the into two 2s, and then two 1s.

Numerology Number Nine:  The Ennead – The first square of the first odd number 3.  Spiritual and mental achievement, the limit of all numbers for all other numbers come from the first nine, yet can create an infinite amount of new numbers.

Numerology Number Ten: the Decad – comprising all arithmetic and harmonic proportions.  The number that perfects all others.  Within 10, all nature exists, the root source of eternal nature.

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