Personal Message from Your Angels

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Hello beautiful souls! Today’s reading has been the most requested video on my channel and I finally decided to do an ASMR pick a card (or at least attempt one 😂). So we’re conjuring messages from your spiritual team in the highest dimensions for guidance and encouragement 🧚‍♀️

Let me know by liking this video or leaving a comment if you’d like to see more ASMR themed videos on this channel and I’ll make them for you all

Also, I apologize for the break between videos but I had to wait for the supplies I used in this reading to be delivered. I pray you all to enjoy it! I love you guys and stay healthy

TIP: You can customize the speed of the video if it’s too slow ➡️ just click on the 3 buttons in the upper right corner of the video

Intro: @0:00
Meditation: @5:09
Sound selection: @8:44
Pile 1: @11:00
Pile 2: @32:11
Pile 3: @59:30

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