Numerology of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Hanged Man, Death and Temperance

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Tarot Cards are numbered, and in the Major Arcana group, this becomes very significant. Starting with the number “0” and progressing to the number ‘21”. We find that not only do we have the full cycle of 0-9, but also the intensification of being double digits. In Numerology, there are several ways of viewing these numbers and interpreting them.

Our focus will be on 12-The Hanged Man, 13-Death, and 14-Temperance.

12 – The Hanged Man

The Number 12 in Numerology signifies completion with perfection.  

It is made up of the number “1”, a prime number meaning a new beginning. It also means the completion of an old life path has passed. Time to let it go and move on. It also represents perfection, achievement, motivation towards a goal and total independence. 

The second digit is the number “2”, which tells us to see both sides of a situation or position. It represents partnerships and forming lasting allies that will help along life’s path.

The number 12 on its own in Numerology carries many magical, mythical and religious symbolism, representing everything from cosmic order, to significant numbers of holy references throughout many traditions since ancient times.

If we look at combining these two digits to form one. 1+2=3, we see the completion of a cycle and the start of a new one, while social interaction and coalitions build onto solid foundations. This is a time of power.

The Hanged Man appears on your life path when you are in a state of indecision, stuck in limbo, just not sure which way to go. This Tarot Card speaks of sacrifices that sometimes have to be made, in order to move forward and get a broader perspective of where you were at, where you are, and where you need to be. 

The Hanged Man speaks of acceptance of what is and even what was, to let go and allow all to be as it will. Without attachment to material, emotional or mental holdings. When we do this, we see what no longer serves our higher purpose. What’s more, is that we wouldn’t have realized this if we kept obsessing on the possession of these things and or the outcomes. The Hanged Man teaches us to let go and let God.

13 – Death

The number 13 is very misunderstood, as it supposedly signifies bad luck. This is not the case unless of course, you were a Templar Knight on the fateful Friday the 13th.  Otherwise, it is a very magical number in many cultures.

If we look at combining these two digits to form one. 1+3=4, we also find stability and balance once we put everything into perspective and ground ourselves. Only then will success be achieved.

Hand-in-hand with the misunderstanding of the number, The Death Tarot Card is the absolute most misunderstood card in the deck. So many believe that to get this card in a reading means they or someone close is physically going to drop dead.  The Death Tarot Card is not about death at all. It is all about the ending of the cycle and the beginning of a new. Death and Rebirth.  

Remember, Tarot is all about cycles, as are the numbers in Numerology.

The Death card teaches us that nothing is forever, all things will and must change, that is the cycle of life. This card is telling us to let go of those things that have been an obstacle and no longer serve our higher good.  Be it a situation, a relationship, harbored feelings, fear of something or someone. It is time to let go, accept everything for what it is, and move on to bigger and better.

14 – Temperance

The Number 14 in Numerology traditionally would be reduced to its root number 1+4=5. The number one, in this case, would be charismatic energy and the number 4 relates to achievement in business or politics. 

Temperance is also known as The Angel of Time. Her image on the card is usually one of an angelic being holding two golden goblets while pouring from one into the other. This represents the inner transformation of spirituality and insight. Temperance is also guarding the gates to Hades, the Underworld. This becomes obvious when we follow the progression of Tarot Cards to see the next card is The Devil. 

The Temperance Tarot Card is about moderation of all things, even moderation itself. She teaches us to be patient, to go with the natural flow of life and happenings. Rather than trying to force an outcome.

This is the time for peaceful observations without judgment, without predetermined notions. As to be able to bend no matter which way the winds of change should blow.

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