Aquarius: The Aloof “Weirdo” of the Zodiac, with Rick Levine

You are currently viewing Aquarius: The Aloof “Weirdo” of the Zodiac, with Rick Levine

Here comes quirky Aquarius, marching to the sound of their own off-beat drummer. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water-Bearer, though it’s actually an Air sign.

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  1. barbara broeske

    Volume too low, and poor audio quality

  2. Robin Hood

    ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

    1. Zenith Astrology

      Good, my Tauren Aquarius moon friend.
      Evil, accepting his Coca-Cola t-shirt.

  3. pineapple games 91

    Aquarius ascendant, cancer sun. My dad was an aquarius who worked in an innovative electrical area and my mum is a home loving cancer.Is this common?

  4. wesse boyman

    Aquarius sun ,capricorn moon and virgo rising here,alot yes but not so weird thats not true……

    1. therealrauch

      Moon signs better suit someone’s basic personality in my experience, so according to me (some random dude on Youtube!) you should be more in “tune” with Capricorn traits. Capricorn is also concerned about reputation, or public image, and dignity, so, being “weird” might be a little extreme for a Capricorn. I, on the other hand, am a stellium Aquarian and I am frickin’ weird for sure.

  5. Willy Stephens

    when my hair turns white, I want to get my hair cut like yours. I am a happy go lucky Aquarius.

  6. X W

    he is soooooo right!

  7. ryley parrett

    This guy is weird to me and yet I’m a Aquarius

    1. Damien Christopher

      He’s weirder than the weirdest zodiac sign😂😂

  8. Esmeralda Miguel

    I have cancer in my moon so I understand and feel emotions lol

    1. Mia M82

      Esmeralda Miguel me too 👍

    2. therealrauch

      Whenever I analyze someone’s personality I always find that their moon sign describes the person better than their sun sign.

    3. It's Tay

      Me too!!

    4. Ear Hustler

      Esmeralda Miguel is that a struggle? Having an Aquarius son and a Cancer moon?

  9. Andrea J.

    I love people but hate them! Yes, I agree 😂😂

    1. meekking achor

      Andrea J. me to as cancer i dont understand why water isnt involved as a compatible sign

    2. Megan Ritchie

      LMAO I was just about to come at the same thing that’s so totally sounds like me I love the thought of helping Humanity grow but find myself despising humans 😂😂😂😂 Aquarian struggles

    3. yas

      Megan Ritchie Yes!! I want to help the people but I despise humans for what That he done. I’m all over the place! Do you feel the same way

    4. M Love

      Omg I always say I hate people lol but I can’t carry hate in my heart, what can I say I love us ♒️♒️♒️

  10. Talina NS

    U probably meant to say Aquarius are unique not weird…….you look wired 🐀

  11. reg4321

    Aquarius loves humanity, but hates the humans. LOL Ha Ha, I agree with that..

    1. Miss W

      Cuz humans don’t practice humanity enough 😂

    2. Paulette Smith


    3. João vitor Oliveira

      Not this Aquarius, sir!

    4. alison99554

      @Miss W lol ain’t that the truth

  12. sunset wind hamster

    When they know too much about you being an aquarius

  13. ThiickLipsz GazaGirl

    Don’t talk to me about emotions…..I won’t take you serious

  14. c m

    I like ur shirt! Aquarius gal here☺

  15. Mia Burke

    I’m an aquarius. While I can be good friends with a leo, a romantic relationship is out of the question. The other signs I agree with. 👍🏼

    1. Ear Hustler

      Mia Burke yes! Totally out of the question.

  16. Moxie Amber

    My partner is an Aquarius ♒️, he’s the best. I love his weird and consider it a good thing. 💕🦄

    1. Paulette Smith


  17. Paulette Smith

    “Allow ourselves to have feelings, like the rest of us”. Hmmmmm, you’re funny. We the outlaws, never settle or move with the crowd. Detachment is our middle name, lol.

  18. Lucien Vincent

    I get an ego boost going back 10 seconds to hear “the most intelligent”

  19. jimny Cricket

    I’m an aquarius and I support this message!

  20. Lucy lawren

    I think he’s an aquarius too…ummm cuz he’s weird

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