Feng Shui Tips for Fall

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Autumn is a time to relax and to find balance between work and home life. With these six easy tips, you can bring the tranquility of fall into your home — and bring positive energy into every area of your life.

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  1. goldphysh

    No offense – I’m sure your great at Feng Shui –  but WTF happened to the Planet Pulse videos and why is this in their feed????

    1. DragonflyHeart44

      I think we are all wondering this…

  2. Psyche1118

    what happened to planet pulse?

  3. Brent Bertolami

    this is a sad replacement for planet pulse! who is in charge of programming here? you have thousands of subscribers for Rick and Jeff! instead you give us lame feng shui tips that are about as white washed as you can make an ancient art. open a new channel for this hog wash and give us planet pulse back!

    1. e3ovuziotica

      The beginnings of Fall of tarot.com? Rick and Jeff indeed rocked, their chemistry matured all the time.

  4. Grape Soda

    You guys need to find a way to bring back Planet Pulse and that awesome daily insight that you two shared with us so damn enjoyably.

  5. Steph Fahey

    lol she says red envelope but it’s clearly white ….?

  6. Steph Fahey

    no Rick and Jeff no subscription…. Bye Bye!

  7. Tarot.com

    *Fast, Fun Fall Feng Shui Tips!*
    The fall season beckons you to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you feel like one aspect of your life is consuming too much time and attention, this is the perfect time to make some Feng Shui adjustments to your home. Here’s how: http://ow.ly/ClY7E #FengShui #falldecor

    1. elaina monroe

      Very interesting ty x

    2. Maggie A-Waters

      Thku ill keep this in mind

    3. Mique Capel

      I have positive experiences with FS 

    4. Maggie A-Waters

      To each there own..either u like it or u dont..I stay away from Facebook.

  8. Diane Michelle : Thing's I Can Do

    What Happened To October Forecast? is everything alright ? 

  9. AgaSoulMaster


  10. Kathryn Rodier

    where is Planet Pulse

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