Zodiac Signs with Rick Levine: Libra

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Beautiful inside and out, Libra is the sign of partnership, ruled by the love planet Venus and symbolized by the Scales. Ever gracious, fair, and balanced, Libra is an Air sign and among the most social and popular of the zodiac.

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  1. L S

    As a libra astrologer, I find our inanimate symbol does indeed reflect how libra represents the relationship between things/beings rather than having a potency of it’s own. Libra governs the inner “laws” of all relationship and thus is also the sign of the law. In a way, we can only reach our potential and fulfill our destiny in relationship to others some way or another, even if not directly. We can be indecisive because ultimately we are always vibrating with the question of what is necessary for others too or even everyone/the greater situation, etc. (the ultimate “other”) rather than just our own needs/situation. That’s a lot to try to come to some just clarity about. Often, time moves faster than our ability to discern and conclude. In a greater sense, libras can’t feel much difference between self and others much of the time. The other may be different in particulars but in an ultimate sense OUR situation is not. We have our individual destinies but we are ALL out here floating in space in the ultimate story together…

  2. Jan96106

    Rick, actually when we (Librans) can’t make up our mind, it is because we don’t like either of the choices.

  3. crestedduck64

    What about those born on the cusp of Libra & Scorpio ?????

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