How To ACCURATELY Read For Yourself

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3:33 General Advice
6:10 Recommended Resources/Decks
7:30 Tip #1 – Limit Number of Cards
12:43 Tip #2 – Don’t Use Too Much Common Sense
16:27 Tip #3 – Assigning Meanings to Your Cards
19:25 Tip #4 – Discerning Intuition vs. Ego
23:20 Ways to Practice and Test Your Accuracy

✏️Resources/Decks mentioned
Biddy Tarot (online resource) –
Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont
Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine
Fairy Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans
Ostara Tarot by Molly Applejohn, Julia Iredale, Eden Cooke & Krista Gibbard

The readings on my channel are not meant to substitute professional advice. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for any reading. Please use your own judgement when making any decisions based on a tarot reading.

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