Important Message from Your Root Chakra

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Hello everyone! Todays pick a card is a channeled message from your root chakra. With everything happening in the world and tragedy being repeatedly reported it’s having an impact on the collective conscious and on us as individuals which greatly effects our root chakra. This reading will be checking on the health and function of that energy center, and eventually the rest pf the chakras.

I love you guys dearly! Stay safe, healthy & grounded 🌳

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The pick a card is a general reading so it will NOT resonate with everyone. Take the messages that resonate with your intuition and disregard everything else ☺️

I’m not taking personal readings. If anyone reaches out to you asking you for a reading, it is a SCAM 🚮🚫

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Disclaimers & Meditation: @2:15
(Clairvoyant) pile selection: @4:25
(Clairaudient) pile selection: @5:36
Pile 1: @6:52
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Pile 3: @1:06:38

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