What Rare Spiritual Powers Do You Have?

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Hello everyone! In this pick-a-card, we are looking into the rare/unusual spiritual 🔮 powers you possess that you don’t know about and how to strengthen them

The pick-a-card is a general reading so it will NOT resonate with everyone. Take the messages that resonate with your intuition and disregard everything else ☺️

I’m not taking personal readings. If anyone reaches out to you asking you for a reading, it is a SCAM 🚮🚫

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For all business inquiries 📧 [email protected]

Intro: @0:00
Disclaimer & Meditation: @1:34
(Clairvoyant) Pile Selection: @3:58
(Clairaudient) Pile Selection: @5:30
Pile 1: @7:02
Pile 2: @40:28
Pile 3: @1:10:03
Pile 4: @1:43:43

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