Libra in Relationships & in Bed

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Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with or dating a Libra man or woman. Learn about their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they bring to the bedroom!

Want personalized insight into how compatible you are with Libra?

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  1. Aspie Otaku

    Libra here, who wants a hug?

    1. Aspie Otaku

      Ill hug you too just dont sting me.

    2. Sudipta Dutta

      Hey L

    3. Blue Fantasyz

      Me! ~Hugs~

    4. Antwan Ignacio


    5. D R E A M I N G


  2. B C

    Do you smoke

    1. Melvin Tran

      B C yes

  3. The Z

    Can a Libra be socially awkward?


      In our experience, any Zodiac Sign can be socially awkward! Thanks for the question, Zeo Tarig!

    2. maria pilar

      Yes 🤗

  4. Melish Hailmaton

    Best advice came in at1:11 on the clock. I manage my expectations

  5. Logan Hornyak

    Thx Karen now inknow

  6. Jyoti Ranjan Dash

    You just told everything about me ☺️

  7. Ruth Lown

    Yes this is me Libra ♎️ woman in the flesh,,haha

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