Numerology & Affirmations for the Tarot Major Arcana

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Each card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot vibrates at a specific numerology number.  Some are a single number, while others can correspond to multiple numbers.  Reciting affirmations that correspond with each major arcana card helps you to connect with its energies and attributes on a deeper level.  These tarot affirmations can also be modified to your own personal situation.

Major Arcana Numerology Correspondences and Affirmations

The Fool- Numerology (0 & 22/4), Affirmation:  “In laughter and learning I find there is nothing more to do.”

The Magician- Numerology (1), Affirmation:  “In the magic of the world and the universe, my self is the most magical machine of all.”

The High Priestess- Numerology (2), Affirmation:  “There are mysteries beyond mysteries, and I am constantly revealed to myself.”

The Empress- Numerology (3), Affirmation:  “Abundance creates abundance.”

The Emperor- Numerology (4), Affirmation:  “I am in command of my own intentions and embrace my will in the world.”

The Hierophant-Numerology (5), Affirmation:  “I am part of the tradition of the whole of the world, and I can contribute in each and every moment.

The Lovers- Numerology (6), Affirmation:  “I relate to the world in joyful choice.”

The Chariot- Numerology (7), Affirmation:  “When I get out of my own way today, I will allow the will of the world to drive things beyond my expectations.”

Strength- Numerology (8), Affirmation:  “Like a rope is made up of small threads, the delicate can be strong when bound to one purpose.”

The Hermit- Numerology (9), Affirmation:  “I am guided by my own stat, far from the voices of others.”

The Wheel of Fortune- Numerology (10/1), Affirmation:  “I am in the center of the wheel of change, the hub of whatever spins about me.”

Justice- Numerology (11/2), Affirmation:  “There is a reckoning to the world which abides with me at all times.”

The Hanged Man- Numerology (12/3), Affirmation:  “I will connect to my highest values and see the world through my own eyes.”

Death- Numerology (13/4), Affirmation:  “The coal becomes the diamond, the seed the plant, and I am constantly renewed in every moment.” 

Temperance- Numerology (14/5), Affirmation:  “Every moment today has the potential to be changed.”

The Devil- Numerology (15/6), Affirmation:  “In every connection I add to the world I am myself connected.”

The Tower- Numerology (16/7), Affirmation:  “This day provides me the power of speech to change everything.”

The Star- Numerology (17/80, Affirmation:  “Every man and every woman is a star, and I will discover my own orbit today.”

The Moon- Numerology (18/9), Affirmation: “I accept that everything I learn will take me safely into new landscapes.”

The Sun- Numerology (19/1), Affirmation:  “The light of every dawn brings a new day of possibilities and creation to me.”

Judgment- Numerology (20/2), Affirmation:  “Every day I will only answer those calls which are to my very soul.”

The World- Numerology (21/3), Affirmation:  “This world is as much mine as anyone else’s and I will give it the treat to remember.”

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