Peace Begins with You, with Rick Levine

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Originally a LIVE Facebook appearance, this video by Rick Levine highlights how the current astrological events can help give insight into world happenings.

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  1. Katie Maniaci

    Brilliant as always, Rick.

  2. crestedduck64

    Excellent ….~: } Peace Within = Peace Throughout { :~

  3. TheTimeForChange44

    As the old African proverb says, “If you conquer the enemy within, there is no enemy without who can harm you.” Thank you, Rick!

  4. Happy TX

    Excellent video. Thank you so much for your contribution to astrology.

  5. integrateself


  6. Lin D

    Thank you, Rick! Blessings <3

  7. Boaz Fyler

    loved this brother!!!!

  8. DVP Cinematography Services II

    This is great! keep the great videos coming!!

  9. Tamika Ealy

    Thank you! This really helps. I love this video!

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