Relocated Astrology Natal Charts and Astrocartography

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What is your relocated Astrology Natal Chart?

Your relocated Astrology chart is a horoscope cast for a different location to your place of birth.  The zodiacal positions of the planets remain the same as in your natal chart, but their positions in the houses change.

In days past, most people tended to remain close to where they were born.  This is not the case today.  Transcontinental and international travel are now commonplace.  The purpose of a relocated natal chart is to reveal the influences you are likely to experience in different locations.  The interpretations in the reading can show you what to expect from the new location.  It is an invaluable tool for planning holiday or business trips and can be very useful when considering setting up home somewhere else.  At the other end of the spectrum, it can be useful to look at places you have already traveled to or lived and see how the energy was or has been affecting you there. 

What is Astrocartography and how is it used in Relocation Astrology?

Astrocartography is one of several methods of locational astrology.  Locational astrology helps identify possible life conditions you will experience at different locations around the world.

As well as interpreting the planets in the houses, your relocation report also incorporates the Astro-Locality-Map (ALM) based on Astrocartography popularized by Jim Lewis, and Direction Lines based on the Local Space Astrology method developed by Michael Erlewine.

The Astro-Locality-Map superimposes planetary data onto a map of the world and shows where each of the planets in a birth chart is actually crossing the meridian or horizon.  The geographical locations of the planetary lines represent places where the individual can expect to experience the effects of the planet under observation. 

Aspects to take into Account in a relocated Astrology Natal Chart

Direction Lines are drawn through the birthplace in the direction of each of the planets. These lines extend around the entire Earth forming great circles.  A planet’s quality, energy, or power is experienced anywhere along the length of the line.

ALM and Direction lines running through or close to your relocated position will indicate how the place will affect you.  For example, a Jupiter line will increase your sense of optimism and chances of success, whereas a Saturn line is more likely to be hard going and restrictive. In addition, Aspects and Midpoints can be used with planetary lines in order to fine-tune the interpretation.  The strengths of the influence of some of these aspects, midpoints and planetary lines can be mild, moderate or strong.

Parans (Planetary Crossings) can also be considered.  These represent a merging of two planetary energies at the degree of latitude the intersection occurs, which, of course, may correspond to your relocated place.  Additionally, if a planetary Direction line crosses an ALM line a Destiny Crossing is said to occur.

Finally, it is important to take the Distance Orbs into account.  The closer a planetary line is to the relocated place the more powerful it is likely to be.

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