Tarot cards: The Emperor

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Tarot reading is an intricate system in which each tarot card has a soul and meaning. Today we’ll be analyzing the major arcane number 4, the Emperor Tarot card. He’s the man who has come to impose a new set of rules, to command some logic into all the chaotic beauty created by his beautiful consort.

The Emperor Tarot Card Upright Meaning:

The new world, a beautiful creation, follows a chaotic rhythm. The Emperor Tarot card comes to put everything and everyone in order. Laws, order, logic, those are the words that can sum up this card’s central message. However, when appearing upright is very promising. You are becoming stronger, gaining power, and getting better opportunities due to your great efforts and talents.

You can see this card as a symbol of victory over adversities. If you have found the Emperor Tarot card in your reading, it means that things aren’t happening randomly. Instead, they follow a logic. Your authority isn’t a gift; it is an achievement. You have earned your place, now sit back and enjoy. But beware, the Emperor Tarot card is an action card, so you’ll be in your toes to stay on the top.

The Emperor Upright Card Keywords:

Logic, Reason, Laws, Elder Man, Order, Power, Authority, Will, Action, Father figure, Discipline, Paternity.

The Emperor Tarot Card Reversed Meaning:

Sitting on his throne made out of stone, the Emperor Tarot card comes to impose a new order. Civilization, logic, the power of reason. These Emperor’s attributes make him a strict, somewhat inflexible man. When appearing reversed in a tarot reading, those traits become exacerbated and might be reflecting signs of an aggressive, almost dictatorial personality.

The Emperor Tarot card reversed symbolizes lack of balance, stagnation, extremes. From stagnation to imposition, you have to confront a person who abuses his authority: a father, a boss, a boyfriend. The advice suggested in this card is to think about alternatives. Look for unconventional methods to deal with these situations or persons. Fight for your independence, reveal, look for healthier relationships, it’s time to put this/him in your past.

The Emperor Reversed Card Keywords:

Dictatorial, Rigid, Impulsive, Aggressive, Coward, Intolerance, lack of patience, Cruelty, Demanding, Irascible.

The Emperor Tarot Card Symbolism:

Connected with the Aries sign, the first sign of the western horoscope, the Emperor Tarot card shows the fecundity and strength of the ram in every possible way. Its scepter gathers the immortal and infinite order of logic and reason. His red cape is the sign of courage and bravery, which will be a recurrent symbol of other “heroes” in the deck. We are facing a monarch of high power, who was armored with the infallible weapons of the intellect.

What Does The Emperor Tarot Card Mean In Love?

When the Emperor Tarot card appears in a love reading, the male figure of the relationship may be playing a protective, almost paternal role. Don’t rule out a jealous lover, or a superficial one. That’s because the Emperor rules over the world of logic and reason, so it is hard for him to empathize with feelings and tenderness.

Is The Emperor A Yes Or No Card?

As we mentioned before, the Emperor Tarot card is a fatherly figure. The Emperor is ready to establish some new rules and discipline; but he will also recognize all your hard work. The reward is that, when this card appears in a Yes or No question, the answer is: yes.

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