The King Correspondences in the Tarot

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The Kings in the Tarot

The Kings in the Tarot usually represent older and elder men who are wise and mature.  They usually deal with questions of authority, expertise, leadership, and security.  Like the Queens, they are fully in control of their suit and element, having learned to master it after years of study, dedication, and real-life practical experience.

The King of Pentacles in the Tarot

This tarot card expresses the highs and lows of the material plane.  Whilst there are many rewards to be gained by our participation in the world, we must not allow ourselves to be overtaken by our attachments.  This card shows the right relationship to add experience to the world.  In relationships, this card indicates a good solid basis on which a relationship can be built.

Keywords- Obviousness, reliable, accomplished, solid, steady, security, reliability, calmness, wealth, perseverance, worldly wisdom, indomitable, practicality, success, influential, speculator, attainment, enterprising, supportive.

Numerology Correspondence- 65/11

Astrological Correspondence- Taurus

King of Pentacles Meditation- “A small sum of money used wisely by a pauper is far more enriching than a large amount squandered by a king.”

The King of Swords in the Tarot

This card is the height of rational thought and its ability to analyze the world in all complexity.  When we reach this card, we know the limits of logic and its expression through language in our life.  In relationships, this card indicates distrust and over analysis leading to thoughts that will need resolution.  The King of Swords may represent a figure who is rational and cool.

Keywords-Deliberation, judge, firm, command, wise, authority, truth, analysis, drive, judiciousness, distrustful, suspicious, manipulation, declaration, affirming, extreme caution, plotting, supremacy, crafty, ruthless, tyranny, articulate, direct, just, analytical.

Numerology Correspondence- 51/6

Astrological Correspondence- Gemini

The King of Cups in the Tarot

This tarot card symbolizes the profound depths of our own emotions by which we can connect to the deep structures and patterns of the universal flow.  In relationships, this card indicates a depth of feeling and quiet power beneath a calm exterior.  This is a positive card to receive in relationship readings because it denotes that you are drawing upon deep parts of yourself. 

Keywords- Recognition, considerate, calm exterior, quiet power, elegance, sophistication, dignity, wisdom, compassion, composure, peacemaker, principles, stability, diplomacy, generosity, caring, helpfulness, benefactor, tutor, liberating, liberality.

Numerology Correspondence- 37/1

Astrological Correspondence- Cancer

The King of Wands in the Tarot

The King of Wands is the burning core of our values and vision.  It reminds us that we must manifest and be true to our vision, else we are consumed by it.  In relationships, this card indicates fiery passion and burning desire.  It brings warmth and charm into any relationship, and if you can sustain it, the enthusiasm brings its own rewards.

Keywords- Confidence, generous, provocative, dramatic, ardent, powerful, bold, creative, commanding, fortitude, warmth, enthusiasm, wit, agile, leader, handsome, authenticity, persuasion, deliberation, forceful, noble, counsel, enterprise, enterprise, vision, inspiring, vitality.

King of Wands Tarot Meditation- “Fireworks only flare up in the night sky; this is their time to display their reason for creation.  You too must take action to express your reason to be.”

Numerology Correspondence- 23/5

Astrological Correspondence- Aries

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