The Knights Correspondences in the Tarot

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The Knights in the Tarot

The Four Knights in the Tarot represent people, situations, advice, or messages, based on the elemental energies of the particular knight.  These figures making up the court cards represent the fiery part of the Suits.  Regardless of which Suit the Knight represents and his governing element, he will also be influenced by the element and energy of fire. 

The Knights generally represent males between 22 and 30 years of age but they can also represent a female if she is displaying knightly qualities.  If a knight turns up and the Querant is convinced it represents someone much older than 30, then it might suggest there is immaturity evident in this person.

The Knight of Pentacles in the Tarot

This tarot card indicates the energy of the alchemical process of calcination—a slow, steadily burning fire.  It is a fire of energized enthusiasm that must be maintained for a long period of time in order to cause the changes desired. 

In relationships, this card indicates a very practical outlook and a solid basis from which to build the relationship.  You may have to be more patient than you feel and wait for the other person to fully open themselves to you.

Keywords-Insurance, loyalty, capability, methodical, trustworthiness, laborious, steady progress, industry, diligence, seriousness, duty, practicality, patient, trustworthy, utility, responsibility, hardworking, persistent, realistic.

Numerology Correspondence- 67/4

Astrological Correspondence- Taurus/Capricorn

The Knight of Swords in the Tarot

This card indicates the power of the mind to cut through the realms of illusion by clear thinking.  There is a place for active thought, and this card symbolizes that such mental effort must be used at this time.  In relationships, this card indicates a lively situation, particularly if one is pursuing another. 

Keywords- Rash, deft, responsiveness, engaged, pursuit, strong, brave, courage, skill, cleverness, impulse, assertiveness, rapidity, stimulation, active, clever, subtle, wrath, fierce, pushing, antagonistic, ready for a fight, skillfulness, avenging, defense, self-assured, assertive, incisive, impetuous, indiscreet, impatient, tactless, intellectual, brusque.

Numerology Correspondence-53/8

Astrological Correspondence- Aquarius/Libra

The Knight of Cups in the Tarot

This card shows how we must take our inner feelings as a calling and a quest.  It is the card of the Grail Knight who has embarked on a journey.  This will lead to adventure and new experiences, as in the case when we follow our true vision.  In relationships, this card indicates seduction and romance.

Keywords-Extravagant, passionate, spontaneous, flighty, exhibition, romantic dreamer, dancer, proposal, seduction, new experience, narcissism, idealistic, idealization, temperamental, fanciful, art, love, approach, lover, rival, seducer, message, proposition, advance, vision, desire, intoxicants.

Numerology Correspondence- 39/3

Astrological Correspondence- Scorpio/Pisces

The Knight of Wands in the Tarot

 This card is the card of the pilgrim who follows their ambition and drive in a creative manner.  It symbolizes the need to bring your enthusiasm to mundane matters powered by a spiritual sensibility. In relationships, this card indicates passion and adventure.  It is always an indicator of new excitement in your life which will fulfill your vision. However, you must be careful that this passion does not burn out too soon lest you become entirely consumed by it.

Keywords- Fiery, brash, argumentative, hot-headed, advancement, sudden, impetuous, hasty, journey, coming and going, departure from custom, challenge, enthusiasm, vigor, daring, passionate, impulsiveness, pride, fighter, protection, pilgrim, charming, daring.

Numerology Correspondence-25/7

Astrological Correspondence- Leo/Sagittarius

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