The Pages Correspondences in the Tarot

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The Court Cards in the Tarot

The Court Cards in the Tarot consist of the King, Queen, Knight, and Page.  Each one appears four times each in a standard Tarot deck, once for every Suit, making 16 Court cards altogether.

The Court Cards in the Tarot and their Human Correspondences

Kings – Generally men.

Queens – Generally women.

Princes (Knights) – Generally young men.

Princesses (Knaves) – Generally young women.

The Pages in the Tarot

The Pages in the Tarot often represent children, young unmarried women, or young people (both genders) up to the age of around 22.  They can also represent the Querant, or someone they know who is older, but has something happening in their life which is making them feel young again.

The Page of Pentacles in the Tarot

When the page turns up in a general reading, it may be viewed as a card calling us to appraise our environment, be it financial or otherwise.  When this card turns up in a relationship reading, it is likely to signify that the relationship needs to be considered in terms of its health and security aspects.

Keywords – Speculation, starting, work, perseverance, planting seeds, slow, steady, duty, realism, method, interest, diligent, careful, thrift, attention, sense, student, scholarship, reflection, realistic aims, focus.

Numerology Correspondence-68/5

Astrological Correspondence – Capricorn/Taurus

The Page of Swords in the Tarot

This card symbolizes the intellectual rigor and discipline of starting a new outlook—a new focus.  In relationships, this card can indicate a time to withdraw a little and appraise—coolly and rationally—exactly what is going on in the relationship.  It may be time to get some air.

Keywords – Poise, concentration, alert, obedience, grace, dexterity, diplomacy, spying, observation, logic, constructive criticism, circumspection, investigation, vigilant, wisdom, strength, guile, defensiveness and agility, intellect, triumph without violence, awareness, sparring, deceit, rival, authority, surprises, examination.

Numerology Correspondence – 54/9

Astrological Correspondence – Aquarius

The Page of Cups in the Tarot

This tarot card can indicate the release of old patterns and habits for a new creativity to emerge.  It can signify a willingness to perceive a new current, flow, or tide in your life, and whilst not yet being ready to respond to it, being aware of it.  In relationships, this card indicates friendly fun, surprises in store, and a relationship that creates a lot of energy.

Keywords – Jaunty, mesmerizing, active listening, sophistication, gentleness, kindness, news of birth of a child, intuition, inspiration, introversion, artistry, sensitivity, intimacy, sentiment, emotional, curiosity, birth of an idea, confidence, discretion, integrity, good news, messages, taste, application, reflection.

Numerology Correspondences – 40/4

Astrological Correspondences – Pisces/Scorpio

The Page of Wands in the Tarot

This tarot card can represent the journey of life and the seeking of higher values.  It shows the seeker on their path to realization through the trials of life.  In relationships, this card indicates a meeting of your values, although this can be seen as somewhat selfish.  You may need to look beyond yourself to truly fulfill the promise of passion indicated by the appearance of the Page of Wands.

Keywords – Analytical, focus, rousing, coveting, innovation, entrance, sudden in anger, bearer of tidings, brilliance, reactive, courage, extroversion, daring, vigor, arousal, eagerness, awakening of passion, satisfaction, confidence, good news, burning, inspirations, creativity.

Numerology Correspondence – 26/8

Astrological Correspondence – Sagittarius

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