The Queen Correspondences in the Tarot

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The Queens in the Tarot

The Queens usually represent mature women ages 30-50 but can also represent the more feminine qualities of a man.  As events, Queens in the tarot represents creativity and ideas coming to fruition.  All four Queens represent and embody four different types of women and are classified by the four elements.

Queen of Pentacles in the Tarot

This card shows the nurturing force of the divine feminine when applied to our everyday life.  Intending to the smallest things, we reflect the care of the whole universe.  It can also symbolize the presence of divine forces in our lives.  In relationships, this tarot card indicates dependability and the domestic.  Whilst it may not be the most exciting card to have in a relationship reading, it shows a strong foundation upon which you can build.

Keywords – Nurturing, dependable, confident, self-assured, effective, creative, thoughtful, melancholy, practical, abundance, business sense, domesticity, generous, intelligent, charming, kind, timid, prosperity, liberality, assistance, security, magnificence, dependable.

Numerology Correspondence – 66/3

Astrological Correspondence – Virgo

Queen of Swords in the Tarot

 This card indicates the power of the will and the mind to guidance in the world of thought.  The keen eye of the Queen of Swords takes experience and observation into account before making decisions.  In relationships, this card indicates sharp wit and strong will.  It can indicate disagreement or differing ideas about the relationship. 

Keywords – Acknowledgement, intense perception, quick, confident, strong, strong willed, sharp wit, autonomy, keenness, discernment, perceptive, precision, knowledge, alertness, versatile, slanderous, sly, bigoted, gossip, malice, prudery, astute, unpretentious, straightforward, individualistic.

Numerology Correspondence – 52/7

Astrological Correspondence – Libra

Queen of Cups in the Tarot

This tarot card is the card of divination and prophecy.  It shows the ability to tap into the deep well of the emotional realm in order to gain wisdom.  This is the card of intuition, poetry, and the psychic.  In relationships, this card indicates that attention is needed on an emotional issue that has not yet been opened.  Whilst it may be difficult to share this feeling it is important that you meet halfway in order to uncover it.

Keywords – Affection, poetic, dreamy, gentle, good natured, otherworldliness, remembrance, divination, prophecy, heart, melodramatic, generous, empathy, compassionate, loving, psychic, intuitive, tender, beloved, adored, introspection, dreaminess, illusion, imaginative, virtue.

Numerology Correspondence – 38/11

Astrological Correspondence – Scorpio

Queen of Wands in the Tarot

This tarot card embodies being true to your own vision and living life according to your own standards.  It is a card of honor and faith as well as being aligned to your true will.  In relationships this card can often mean that you must take a firmer role in directing the relationship and be more dynamic.  It is your time to be attractive and bask in the limelight for a change.

Keywords- Independence, power of attraction and command, honorable, sound judgement, ambition, demonstration, limelight, career, versatility, faith, magnetic, attractive, fertility, optimism, assured, domineering, flamboyant, dynamic, hyperactivity, honesty, loyalty, cheerful, energetic. 

Numerology Correspondence -24/6

Astrological Correspondence – Leo

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