Understanding the Lunar Cycles in Astrology

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Rick Levine explains how the Moon’s movements affect us. This is a great video for a better understanding of how the Moon heavenly transits transform our lives.

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  1. Priestess Sekhmet

    you broke it down thank you

  2. Reginald Hart

    this is very insightful. thank you kindly for this video.

  3. Paris Lash


  4. Jay

    thanks! nice shirt too 🙂

  5. Marie

    great video 🙂

  6. Luigi d'Acosta

    Man, look up the geocentric model and search it on YouTube. Otherwise good vid.

  7. Aljoša Gačnik S56FGP

    Wrong, we do not know this. We “all” learnt this THEORY in school. Unfortunately big part of humankind accept this as reality.

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