12 Techniques To Set Boundaries With A Toxic Family Member

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In today’s video, we will tell you the ways in which you can set boundaries with toxic family members. Things like understanding your needs come first, being firm but kind, cutting off contact and many more.

Meet them for a brief time: This one pretty much explains itself. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with a toxic family member, because nothing is ever enough for them. Block out an hour or two in your schedule, put in your time and then leave. Don’t beat yourself up about not hanging around.

Be Direct: You may have tried dropping hints or being passive-aggressive about your boundaries to this particular family member but they still might not pick up on your clues. This is pretty common, these toxic members are usually careless and inattentive to other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Be Brave and Fearless: When you are trying to set boundaries or have already done so, you may be fearful, experience self-doubt or shame.

Don’t Let Them Manipulate You: Toxic family members are often master manipulators. They’ll use guilt and charisma to manipulate you into their web and make you do whatever they want to. It’s very important not to give in.

Don’t Give them Explanations: Toxic family members are always looking for more drama. The more you explain something to them, the more they will try to intrude on your personal space.

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