7 Symptoms That Can Be Mistaken for Other Diseases

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When we fall ill, many of us make the mistake of googling our own symptoms. This can be highly misleading as false information is all over the internet.

1. Joint Pain
There are many causes of joint pain. In most cases, it’s an injury to ligaments and tendons. Unfortunately, the internet may disappoint you when you research this symptom. Search engine results may be related to joint inflammation or in some cases, arthritis. That’s scary, right? Well, that is just the start.

2. Cough
Alright, so you had a busy day at work. Returned home, you realize that you have a horrible cough. Coughs normally occur when the microorganisms enter your body and into your lungs. So, when the body tries to get rid of these particles, it creates air pressure and forces them out of your system. Of course, if the cough persists, it can be dangerous. Though probably not as dangerous as the internet would make it seem.

3. Upset Stomach
So, you had too much oily food last night, which your stomach isn’t used to. This morning you woke up realizing that your tummy wasn’t really happy about it. You aren’t a morning person, but you still had to rush to the bathroom. After that you felt a slight bit of pain in your stomach. So, you did what you were used to doing, you typed in that symptom. What did your computer suggest? Well, not necessarily things that could help your cause.

4. Dizziness and Fatigue
When do we feel dizzy and tired? Well, there can be many reasons. You could have overworked yourself, or you could be dehydrated. People with low blood pressure feel these problems if they skip a meal. If it persists, go to the doctor. They’ll tell you what’s wrong and treat your problem accordingly.

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