Signs You Have a Protein Deficiency

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Do you lose muscle mass? Is it possible to lose hair? Can you get infections easier? We’re talking all that AND more.

1. Colds
One sign of protein deficiency that you just can’t ignore is the brutal cold you receive. When you’re not getting the proper amount of protein, your immune system is going to be unsatisfied. Protein contains amino acids that activate white blood cells. This fights against viruses and bacteria and lowers your chances of getting sick.

2. Infection
Not only can you get sick quicker than usual, but less protein in your diet also makes you vulnerable to various infections. This is once again due to the lack of amino acids in your immune system.

3. Loss Of Muscle Mass
Did you know that your muscles are primarily made up of protein? Muscle loss is the highest among those who do not consume a sufficient amount. The average man is recommended around 56 grams of protein per day, while the average woman is suggested 46.

4. Liver Damage
Protein deficiency brings on fatty liver. Well, an excessive amount of fat accumulates within the liver cells, causing the organ to become inflamed. It takes just 5% of fat in your liver for this to occur.

5. Increased Calories
The right amount of protein in your diet keeps your appetite at bay. The more protein you are eating, the less hungry you will be. If your stomach isn’t receiving enough protein to work with, it will ask for more food. This will force you to increase your calorie intake. And we all know what happens after a full day of downing calories. Your weight will begin to skyrocket.

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