Daily Horoscope: December 23rd – December 24th, 2019

You are currently viewing Daily Horoscope: December 23rd – December 24th, 2019

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The Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Sagittarius bring us the perfect energy as we head into Christmas. Take this time to embrace the Sagittarius energy that encourages you to indulge while using the Capricorn discipline to ensure things get done!

Today: Capricorn Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

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  1. Diana Westrup

    Beautiful Debra, thank you very much for the present of your presence. I really appreciate what you do and I really really love your personality. Receive my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year 2020. I send you much love to you and your family and friends from Cancun, Mexico. Never change ’cause you are perfect!

  2. Anna Delgails

    Merry Christmas!!!! Thank you!!!!💜♥️💜♥️

  3. Edward Shore

    Merry Christmas, Debra

  4. H

    Wishing you and your staff Happy Holidays!

  5. Cheryl Wood

    Excellent! Triple Capricorn, Sag Ascendant, love it!

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