Daily Horoscope: February 10th – February 11th, 2020

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The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Virgo, bringing us an interesting combination that is going to make us more observant and methodical in our movements. Take some time to contemplate your actions and stay true to yourself, that’s what this Air and Earth combo has designed for you.

Today: Aquarius Sun and Virgo Moon

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  1. The Illuminated Muse*

    Here is a question: Who are the “they” that paid Thomas Edison as he was thinkng, creating, experimenting, recording, inventing, making mistakes etc, and how do I go about receiving this type of “they” who invest & believe in supporting a generating genius like an investor such as Thomas Edison, yet truly comes up with money generating ideas in addition to, and more/better!! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE & ADORE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS!!! XOXOXOXOs

  2. Michael Seymour

    this was a profound video – i know it was just a daily …but as a libran it did not effect me …but the message about non believers & evidence finding them is very true- i do what i call “intuitive astrology ” – but that i mean , just like playing guitar , which i have learnt to master it without formal study …you only have to observe , and then do that over 30 yrs …you will see patterns emerge that are undeniable and consistent . I have got to the stage of predicting sun signs with a strike rate of around 80% . Its not a thing i predict UNLESS i am sure ….so sometimes it leaps out immediately – and other times i observe .

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