Daily Horoscope: February 14th – February 15th, 2020

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Welcome to the weekend! The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Scorpio. These planets are now 90 degrees apart meaning that just like this air and water sign, we must learn to work together in order to find love and passion this Valentine’s day weekend. Use the sensuality of the Scorpio and outgoing nature of Aquarius to make these days really count for someone you love.

Today: Aquarius Sun and Scorpio Moon

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  1. Victoria Smith

    Thank you My Dear

  2. Debra Gould

    Yep married too one for 30 yrs known for 33 yrs. Hes EXTREMELY sick and his option is its DONE. HES A PLAYER. THEN COMES BACK HOME AND IM IGNORED. HMM HAPPY VALENTINES ALL RIGHT.

  3. Aldo Del Angel

    Thank you

  4. Patricia Eastwood

    Whenever the name Scorpio enters the conversation, I remember my mum, Sun in Scorpio mum. Although in the same element, our modes were different. When (you) Debra mentioned that great strength, the ability to focus in Scorpio, I see how and why we were so close, so connected, so loved by one another. This Piscean Sun sure needed focus, as I drifted in and out of imagination, insight, futuristic thoughts. You were always there with your gifts. I love you mum, I feel you around me so many times, but especially today when we acknowledge the Love, you are in my heart and mind forever. Thanking the great spirit of the universe for all we have, and all we are, the gifts and strengths bestowed upon us. Love you Debra Silverman xxoo

  5. profile icon Berja


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