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The Mayan people were wise beyond their time. Their wisdom has lived on through historical accounts, archaeological discoveries, and even popular culture! One of their main contributions to society today is the famous Mayan calendar and the Mayan horoscope signs, which are based on a 260-day cycle. 

Mayan Ancient Wisdom: The Mayan Horoscope Signs

Those 260 days are broken down into 20 periods of 13 days, and with each period, a sign. Mayan contribution to astrology lives on to this very day through the Mayan horoscope signs. Join us today to discover more about the twenty different Mayan horoscope signs. Find out which one of the horoscope signs you were born under, and be amazed!

The complete list of Mayan Horoscope Signs

Crocodile (Imix)

People of this sign are intuitive and creative. They are artistic and very good with their hands. They’re courageous, yet they tend to stay indoors. 

Wind (Ik)

People of the Wind love nature and fresh air. Associated to the hummingbird, they are spiritual and mystical individuals who inspire others. They’re brave, strong, and can get wild!

Darkness (Ak’bal)

People from this sign are associated with the bat. They are strong individuals who tend to succeed in whatever project they take on. They’re problem solvers who are generous with their advice. 

Lizard (Kan)

This sign spawns people who are collectors of things and ideas. They’re problem solvers. They bounce quickly from one thought to the next, and they’re fiercely independent. 

Serpent (Chicchan/Chikchan)

People from this sign are wise and energetic individuals. They’re typically physically and spiritually attractive. They’re crave attention and easily get it.

Death (Cimi)

People born under this sign are patient. They’re people of easy character who tend to be generous. Like death, they’re wise, respected, and tenacious. They’re associated with the owl.

Deer (Manik)

People born to this sign are spiritually and physically powerful. They’re incredibly talented, and dispose of a lot of energy to put their talent to use. They’re generous healers.

Star (Lamat)

This sign, associated with the rabbit, spawns intelligent, successful people. They’re fortunate and hard workers. They are in tune with their emotions. 

Water (Muluc)

These individuals are represented by the shark, and they sometimes feel guilty because they feel they’ve done harm. They are wont to sacrifice themselves for an ideal, like country.

Dog (Ok)

Like dogs, these individuals are faithful, protective, and loving. They’re good to be around in times of trouble because they’re good problem solvers. 

Monkey (Chuwen)

Like the monkey that represents them, these individuals are playful and fun-loving. They’re diligent and insistent, and if they have a goal, they won’t rest until it’s achieved. 

Road/Step (Eb)

These individuals are organized, hard-working travelers who are represented by the mountain lion. They’re path forgers and tend to live long lives. 

Corn/Reed (Ben)

Fertility and productivity are words that are closely associated to this sign. They’re honest, but they can keep a secret if necessary. They’re helpful and attentive. Represented by the armadillo.

Jaguar (Ib)

Like the jaguar, people of this sign are patient, astute, and daring. Natural-born hunters with an insatiable sexual appetite. They’re well-suited for public positions.

Eagle (Men)

These people forge their own path and have a penchant for both art and business. They’re powerful, ambitious visionaries with grand ideas.

Vulture/Bee (Cib)

Individuals born to this sign are analytically shrewd strategists. Prudence and intelligence are two of their strongest attributes. They can be confrontative, but they give no ground.

Earth (K’aban)

Associated to the woodpecker, these people are very grounded. They’re wise, intelligent, efficient, and have curative powers. They’re very secure and are in good standing with their community. 

Flint/Obsidian (Etz’nab)

Like the stones that represent them, these people are strong and can be counted on. They can sacrifice themselves for those around them. They’re represented by the fish.

Storm (K’awak) 

This sign is represented by the turtle. They’ve got a natural connection to the weather and can intuitively feel its changes. They’re nurturing and loving. 

Sun/Lord (Ahaw)

These people are wise, courageous and honest workers who give all they have to serve their community. This archetype is the head of the household of the Mayan horoscope signs. 

Mayan Horoscope Signs: Want To Learn More?

Have we piqued your curiosity? We hope we’ve gotten you as interested in Mayan horoscope signs as we are. Do you agree with what the Mayan horoscope signs say about your sign? Let us know in the comments below! In the next article, we’ll delve deeper into the finer details of these horoscope signs.

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