Mercury through the Zodiac Signs

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Mercury is the planet of communications, business, information processes, and all other sorts of exchanges of communication and information.  It has a close relationship with electronics, telephones, and computers due to their information storage and exchange abilities. A person born with Mercury in one of the zodiac signs will take on the communication style and thought process of that particular sign.  When Mercury transits through one of the zodiac signs, the communication style and thought process of the general collective will take on the same characteristics of that zodiac sign. How does Mercury affect each of the zodiac signs with regards to communication style and thought process when it transits through them?  Let’s look here.

Mercury in the Zodiac Sign of Aries

A person born with Mercury in Aries will be quick-tongued and to the point in their communication style.  Mercury in Aries signifies an immature thinking process. This will make a person with Mercury in Aries the type of person who will speak quickly without thinking first. 

Mercury in Taurus

The fixed earth element of Taurus makes this person’s thinking processes slow and heavy.  Due to this, a person born with Mercury in Taurus will not be quick to exchange new ideas.  Positively, the person with Mercury in Taurus will have a stable and steady thought process.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury rules Gemini and feels very at home within this sign.  Those born with Mercury in the zodiac sign of Gemini have a very articulate and intellectual communication style and thought process.  Words flow smoothly for these individuals and their speech is eloquent. 

Mercury in Cancer

Those born with Mercury in Cancer will be shy and introverted. Their communication will mainly center around their close family, friends, and home.  The water element of Cancer makes those born with Mercury in Cancer very emotional thinkers. Their thinking is influenced by their emotions.

Mercury in Leo

Those born with Mercury in Leo have a very grandiose communication style. They speak from their heart and think big.  They are bright communicators and love to discuss big ideas. They can speak in a very commanding way when they see the need to.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury also rules Virgo and feels at home in this sign.  Those born with Mercury in the zodiac sign of Virgo do not have the fixed heavy earth element affecting their thought, such as Taurus.  These people have a mutable element which makes their thinking light and quick. These people are quick and witty thinkers. Negatively, they can come across as critical in their communication with others.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury loves to be within an air element.  Therefore, it will love to be in the air sign Libra.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony, and beauty.  Those born with Mercury in Libra will have a very charming and enticing way of communicating.  Others will love to hear their eloquent speech. Negatively, they can have trouble answering with decisions due to their mutable and airy nature.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio makes a person a quiet and reserved communicator.  They often need time alone with their thoughts. Although, when they do communicate, they prefer deep conversations that are one on one with another.  They are introspective and heavy thinkers, due to their fixed water element.

Mercury in Sagittarius

A person born with Mercury in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius will be a direct and easy to understand communicator.  Being that these individuals are usually natural teachers, they have a precise way with words that others can easily comprehend.  They possess a very intellectual thought process that is always developing, as they are always eager to learn more.

Mercury in Capricorn

Those born with Mercury in Capricorn will have a very methodical thinking process.  Strategic thinking will make them very factual and organized in their communications.  Negatively, due to the heaviness of their earth element and the ruling planet of Saturn, they may not always have the best social skills.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury works well in the air sign of Aquarius.  The person born with Mercury in the zodiac sign of Aquarius will have a highly creative and original thought process. These individuals will have no trouble speaking in front of others and would make great public speakers.  They will come across as easily approachable to others.

Mercury in Pisces

With Mercury in Pisces, we see similar deep and introspective thinking as we do in Cancer and Scorpio.  Those born with Mercury in the zodiac sign of Pisces will think with their emotions. Negatively, these individuals can have a hazy thought process that does not allow clarity of thought.

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