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Western Astrology often places more emphasis on the Sun Sign than the Moon sign.  However, the opposite is true in Hindu (Vedic) Astrology. The Moon sign is particularly important in Hindu Astrology. In Hindu Astrology, the Moon and the mansions of the Moon form the karmic blueprint of the individual. 

The Moon Sign Leo Symbolism & Meaning

The Moon symbolizes the undercurrents and life themes that run through a person’s life. It often symbolizes the unconscious and automatic systems of the body.  The Moon Sign refers to the emotional and instinctive side of a person’s personality. The sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth is what defines their Moon Sign. When the Moon transits through a certain zodiac sign, those planetary energies influence and affects the overall collective. Here, we will focus on when the Moon transits through the zodiac sign of Leo.

People born with Moon Sign Leo will have an intense desire to stand out from the crowd.  They will feel drawn to creative arts, theatre, music, and entertainment.  These individuals feel a need to creatively express themselves and love to entertain others.  Their innermost desire will be to achieve notoriety in some way or fame. Another inner desire of those with a Moon Sign Leo is to be in charge. They desire authority and to lead others.  They feel best when others are listening to them and are agreeable to their insights, ideas, thoughts, and feelings. 

When the Moon is in Leo, it makes people feel empowered and self-confident.  The performing arts flourish as many people seek out entertainment. Many people feel a desire to engage in a creative arts class or learn something of this nature.  Under the Moon in Leo, people feel extra affectionate and generous towards their partners. They may show extra romantic gestures and bestow their partners with gifts.

The Moon Sign Leo Health and the Body

The Moon Sign correlates to various automatic systems within the body.  Body systems that strongly correspond to the Moon are the digestive system and the woman’s menstrual cycle.  The Moon Sign can also correspond to specific body parts. Each Moon Sign has a different way of coping with sickness and healing.  Moon Sign Leo longs for extra attention when they are ill. Receiving extra attention from those they love and care about helps their healing process. Praising them about any current or past accomplishments will also help them to feel better. Due to their connection with the Sun, their ruler, it is important they get enough Vitamin D. The Sun is a natural healer for them. Therefore, sunbathing can be a good healing method for them. 

Moon Sign Leo corresponds with the heart and the spine.  Those born with their Moon in Leo are heart-centered people. They are known to be brave-hearted and should take extra care of their heart health.  When the Moon is in Leo, there may be higher cases of heart-related issues within the general collective. 

The Moon Sign Leo and its Divine Feminine Element

The Moon exhibits feminine energy. Therefore, it infuses any zodiac sign that transits through with a touch of femininity.  It is often more important for women and children than the Sun Sign. If a person has a Moon Sign of Cancer, their mother will play a very important role in their life. A man’s Moon Sign will determine how he acts towards and perceives the women and children in his life.  A man with his Moon sign in Leo will be very daunting on the women and children in his life, showering them with warm affection and gifts.

Moon Sign Leo Emotions

A person born with their Moon in Leo feels proud and charismatic.  Negatively, they can feel it is not always easy for them to embrace change, as Leo is a fixed sign. The Sun rules Leo.  When the Moon is in Leo, it fills the Moon will the powerful energy of the Sun. This makes people feel extra energetic and active.

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