Chiron through the Zodiac Houses

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Chiron is often called “the wounded healer.”  Chiron’s location within the natal chart can indicate the place where we suffer pain, wounds, or unresolved trauma.

Chiron in Astrology and our Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds, although they hurt us, are good because they make us aware of where we need to focus and heal.  They help us to look for what we should work on to evolve.  Wherever Chiron is in one of the 12 zodiac houses, that will be the area where we will not be familiar and it will be difficult for us to know why this is the case.  It is the area of life in which there are inequalities, injustices, situations, and judgments against oneself.  The explanation to these difficulties can be traced back to a remote past, perhaps even to the past of other lives, or to karma.

Meaning of Chiron through the Zodiac Houses

Chiron in Zodiac House One -There is a discomfort with the body.  We may not be happy about our appearance or have trouble with self-expression.

Chiron in Zodiac House Two – We feel unsatisfied with our material possessions and economical status.  We have trouble focusing our efforts or obtaining material security and wealth.

Chiron in Zodiac House Three – You may have difficulty within communications of all kinds.  You may also have trouble with siblings.

Chiron in Zodiac House Four – Your home is the source of problems.  It may not feel stable or safe.  Your home may be a significant source of your pain. Also, you may be ashamed of your place of origin.

Chiron in Zodiac House Five – You have problems allowing yourself to have fun, enjoyment, and pleasure.  The small things in life are not enjoyed.  You may also carry wounds from short term romantic relationships.

Chiron in Zodiac House Six – Your work is a constant source of problems for you.  You never feel satisfied with mundane and routine tasks. You may also have pain related to an ailment or health issue.

Chiron in Zodiac House Seven – You have a lot of pain from relationships and partnerships.  You may have sadness from enemies that have inflicted pain upon you.  You may feel internally unbalanced.

Chiron in Zodiac House Eight – You struggle every time you get involved with someone else’s money.  You feel pain from too many major life changes and adjustments.  There may also be pain from sexual intimacy.

Chiron in Zodiac House Nine – There may be conflicts with travel.  There may also be conflicts between your beliefs and your personal spirituality.  You may also feel troubled by foreign relations.

Chiron in Zodiac House Ten – Problems may exist in the professional field, or there is a feeling of not having discovered your calling or life purpose in life. You may feel confused about what direction to go in.

Chiron in Zodiac House Eleven – There are deep wounds between you and a friend in your life.  You may feel betrayed by a friend.  You may also feel uncomfortable in social groups or within certain social settings.

Chiron in Zodiac House Twelve – You may have problems feeling very lonely throughout life.  There may be a personal struggle with spirituality also.  You may have wounds from secrets in life.

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