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If you have previously checked your sign according to the Chinese Horoscope, you will surely know that according to their energy, personality traits, and tastes, there are signs more compatible with you than others. Today, we will be analyzing the Dog sign in terms of their love relationships. Ready for some romance? Let’s go!

Dog Chinese horoscope:

Years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.


Best Match: Monkey- Pig-Horse

Maybe: Snake- Goat- Rooster

Next: Tiger-Ox- Rat

Dog’s Romantic Strategy:

When a dog is in love, their primary strategy is trust. That loyal friend who always supports you and gives you a shoulder to cry on is possibly from the Dog sign of the Chinese Horoscope.  However, do not think they are boring or dull at all! Dogs are entertaining to hang out with and are expert planners of perfect dates.

Love Chinese Horoscope: Dog

Solidarity, loyalty, and humility are the main features that define people born under the Dog sign of the Chinese Horoscope. According to it, they can be the most enthusiastic and unconditional friends of the zodiac. In the same way, when the romantic interest awakens, they become trustworthy partners for life.

Metal Rat Year:

For the Metal Rat year, people born under the Dog sign of the Chinese Horoscope will enjoy a second chance to achieve their goals. Dogs had felt a bit stuck in the past cycle, but during 2020, they will be able to implement the necessary changes to face the obstacles that were making them doubt themselves.

When it comes to their love lives, 2020 may be a more promising year. According to the Chinese Horoscope, single hounds are going to find themselves in a positive, non-toxic relationship, possibly for the first time. On the other hand, for those who are already in a stable relationship, they will be able to make those small changes that will improve communication and love dynamics.

Intimate Life:

Romantic and loyal, dogs develop a tremendous sexual appetite for the people they love. Protective, intelligent, and somewhat traditional, it is challenging to find a person of the Dog sign visiting a Fetish Shop. Nonetheless, they do have powerful hunting instincts that will make you feel desired, yet respected, time after time.

Dog’s Love Backgrounds:

You won’t find much. Whether for fear of reliving the pain or for loyalty to a memory of a past relationship, they won’t share details.  Most Dogs won’t go bragging about their many heartbreaks. Nostalgia and melancholy are traits that define a hound’s particular brand of romance. They have a keen sense of smell for unrequited love.

How to win their hearts?

Show them that they can trust you. According to the Chinese Horoscope, the romantic nature of people born under the Dog sign is highly anxious. If you sow them the poisonous seed of doubt, they will continue to love you, but their passion will have splashes of bitterness that won’t let them live in peace. They thrive in relationships where they can love freely without feeling threatened by their insecurities.

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