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Good fortune Rituals for the Chinese year!

Just as we’ve studied the Chinese Horoscope of Love, in which we’ve analyzed the characteristics, traits, and perks of each Chinese zodiac sign, so it is with each year in Chinese culture. Each year in the Chinese culture has a spirit and energy. Their calendar also differs from ours in that the passage of time is dictated by the lunar cycle. Hence, we put forth this simple ritual with which you may change your fortune for the year 2020.

3 Good Fortune Rituals for the New Chinese Year:

These rituals combine elements of traditional Chinese culture and New Chinese Year’s celebration in conjunction with a splash of occidental magic. That’s why the elements that we’ll be using are easier to understand. Ready? Let’s move on to the things you will need to change your fortune (for the better) for this coming Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat. Next, we’ll study 3 New Chinese Year’s rituals to attract good fortune: 

Burning a Red Candle for Good Fortune: 

In Asian culture, the color red is traditionally associated with good fortune, love, and protection for your family. This is why lighting red candles are an effective way of harvesting this color’s energy and attracting all those good vibrations in your home. Good vibes, man!

When you light a candle, you should place it somewhere where it can stay put until you put it out or burns through all the wax. Having a candle sizzle out because of a gust of wind or another fortuitous occurrence is not a good omen, and it’s also potentially dangerous as it may result in the ember lighting something else on fire.  No amount of good fortune will help you if you have a structure fire.

On the other hand, once you light it, it’s important that you don’t move it. It must remain in its place from beginning to end. This is why it’s important to choose the spot wisely. 

In the bedroom? It will attract love.

In the kitchen? Abundance.

In the living room? Familial togetherness.

In the office? It’ll attract new projects.

Declutter your space: 

Love thy neighbor. Honor your parents. Yes, those two are from the commandments in Judeo-Christian religions, but they are universal ideals. In Asian societies, honoring your ancestors and giving to those most in need is a moral obligation! Clothes, food, and other essentials that you can donate or gift is a way to pay forward what has been given to you. 

This next Chinese year, consider the following: when you’re sharing your wealth, try to maintain your focus on your desire for abundance… not just for you, but for others as well.


The ringing of bells has the power to eliminate negative energy, spooking demons away, and help you reach a state of calm when meditating. Shake them when you’re doing energy cleansing in your home throughout this coming Chinese year, especially during the time of transition into the new year. 

As a matter of fact, during the celebration of New Chinese Years, it’s customary to ring bells and light many firecrackers so that their loud banging scares one of the most sinister demons of all:  Nian! A beastly lion that stalks homes during the new year to devour entire families… But! Because we’d prefer to avoid such a racket on account of how much they may scare our beloved pets, let’s stick with bells for now. ‘Kay? ‘Kay.

Ready for an awesome new Chinese Year? We bet you are! Disclaimer: It doesn’t matter what Chinese sign you are, these good fortune rituals were created for all to enjoy equally.

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