Dealing with the Corona Virus Panic

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Stop the Panic Pandemic
Enhance Immunity
Intentional Meditation

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  1. Fliss Cook

    Absolutely superb! Thank you Deepak. I felt it everywhere within my physical body and my mind. Now I feel released. 🙏

    1. bonnie raphael

      Deepest thanks

  2. Bettina Navarro

    Thank you so much dear Deepak ; you’ve been helping a lot with my and my family state of mind during this world crisis, may you have a long happy life 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  3. Eliane Yoga

    Time to meditate, to stop, to go back to simplicity. We need time off, this is it! I am enjoying staying at home (I am not sick) but my family decided to help to stop the spread of the virus by being home, my husband and daughter works at home (remote) and I cancelled my yoga classes at the gym for now. I spend my time cooking/cleaning and meditating. I am realizing how much we need free time, do nothing without feeling guilty. If life were do way it was before I am sure I will be doing something instead of being! As Deepak Chopra said use your time now productively! We are one! Connecting with this one! I am sure we are going to overcome all this crisis and I hope that we all come together to realize others things also, getting away from the distraction and go within! Thank you again Deepak! You are always there for us!

    1. It's a Bunnay

      Um I wish I had weights and stuff but I don’t have the room for a squat rack in my house etc I need the gym and make sure I wipe everything I touch I think everyone should do the same cause I ain’t giving up my leg days the rest I agree with.

    2. Robert M.-Certified Day Trader

      Eliane Yoga We need to get back to spirituality, maybe a National Prayer day!?

    3. Row Night Lin

      I can certainly feel the difference this past weekend, things have slowed down!

    4. Eliane Yoga

      @Robert M.-Certified Day Trader yes good ideia National Prayer Day!

    5. Gita T

      @Eliane Yoga Hi, yes, it’s very good idea, greetings 🙂

  4. megz65

    Namaste Deepak! It is very errie indeed . No cars moving no planes very quiet it’s quite strange I’m not panicking I will admit I am worried . I Thank you for the enlightenment……..Stay well

    1. Radha Singh

      No cars, no cars moving its never been better…it seems much more peaceful.

    2. Alicia Montalvo


    3. foxy brown

      “Ephesians 6:11, Matthew 10:16, Genesis 1:29”
      Watch youtube video: “Event 201 Global Pandemic” (by Amazing Polly Channel).

  5. Faith_9

    Thank you, Deepak 💗🙏🏼 Namasté

  6. fathieh Irani

    Thank you Deepak , and I am sending love and Faratheraby to all the people and animals and every other species in the whole world and in ithe Universe with every heart beat . Love to all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

  7. Steph St. Germain

    Cruise ship planet earth! Lol! Love it! ♥️🙏

  8. NewEarthAwakening

    If you are feeling anxiety, stress, or panic, I highly recommend supplementing 100-250mg of the amino acid l-theanine. It blocks glutamate, which is the body’s excitatory neurotransmitter, and thus decreases cortisol, inflammation, and drops anxiety, while increasing immune function. It simultaneously boosts dopamine, serotonin, and GABA levels to promote general feelings of wellbeing. It also increases Brain Derived Nootropic Factor by 25%, bolstering brain plasticity and the growth of new brain cells.

    In addition, it has been shown in scientific studies to put the brain into alpha and theta brainwaves, which are characteristic of meditation, relaxed mindful focus, and heightened states of creativity. It works in the daytime or at night to quiet the monkey mind and promote deep restful sleep. It’s one of the most underrated supplements there is!

    1. Edie Summers

      Great reminder!

    2. Donna Woodford

      Mind over matter.

    3. Natasha Ghelani

      Thank you 🙏

    4. Lisa Holte, Your Access To The Red Carpet!

      What’s the name of the supplements?

    5. NewEarthAwakening

      I don’t know about ashwaghanda specifically, but l-theanine has FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. Because it helps naturally lower blood pressure, maybe be aware if you are already taking other BP lowering drugs. But I have very low BP and I’m fine with it. Also best not to combine it with things like Xanax or Valium or other serious psychoactive drugs.

  9. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Arnold said ….”Get to the Chopra”.

    1. Veronica Nevarez


    2. ElmwoodParkHulk

      Veronica Nevarez 😜

  10. vero texier

    Thank you From my heart I was feeling anxiety now I feel confident

  11. eugenio farias

    incredible how we humans see this situation only as a external pandemia, and we don’t realize that greed is the real virus that is causing the decay of this glorious planet we were lucky to receive/ this time nature is giving us the opportunity to be isolated withyourself breath and recognize that we are already infected . is time to reconnect to the authentic plan that is suppose for men….lets accept this change as a gift to renew, and rise a new humanity

    1. Sagu Nata


    2. Eliane Yoga

      Renew, reborn, transformation

  12. sherry1674w

    Wow…Thank you so much for this and I say: God Bless you in all things and God Bless all and God bless me, and God Bless our World, God bless Mother Earth, God Bless our Universe. Amen. 🙂

  13. Laura Barber

    Is it just me, but I’m distracted by the naked lady growing out of the top of Deepak Chopra as head!

    1. ItalianoWithJodina

      Haha I noticed it too lol. Chalked it up to an unconscious coincidence… I think Deepak’s focus is on delivering a heartfelt message and being a being of service. Also I was riding my bike while listening and then after had my eyes closed during the meditation. I think part of his message is to be able to control our focus. 🤗🌷 namaste friend

    2. J 9

      I think we all need a good laugh right now! 😂 thanks Depak!

    3. Rosamund aka Jessie Julien


    4. Butch Dye

      Laura Barber it’s to keep you from focusing on him. You are an easily distracted person. Hope you don’t have a job that depends on protecting people.

    5. getkryative

      Laura Barber 😂🤣😂🤣 same

  14. Robin Rubendunst

    There’s a naked woman coming out of his head.

    1. Eliane Yoga

      Does he know? funny it also got my attention.

  15. Earn GoodThings

    I wish more people around me had your optimism. The world would be a better place if there was more people like you. Thank you.

  16. Muhammad Ali Eesaa

    You’re 73 years of age, you look in your 50s & I’m being completely honest with you.

    1. The Arrow Hunter

      lol you must not know many 50 year olds…def 65+ to 70s…you lieing

  17. Kitty Kivalo

    I imagine every picture of the virus with a big cross through it, as if it is already solved. I see it as a frightened being that awaits my loving attention to find peace. I image it to be fed with love so it can give up its crown, its Corona, and rest in love and peace.

  18. M One

    No need to panic, even if have it – ride it through with excellent care and responsibility – for self and “others” ! Physical social isolation, for the time being, is necessary to prevent medical overwhelm. The travel ban is definitely WONDERFUL for the environment. All of it is really. Maybe that’s why this happened. Absolute love and peace to us all !!!

  19. Felisha P

    Such selfish concerns we have instead of understanding we are “ gifted “ with life and wes should NOT expect so much from life . But begging loving ourselves and helping other will make us feel more enriched.

  20. Star Oliva

    Thank you so much. You give me such peace. We need more people like you around the world 🌎.Please continued this helpful videos.

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