Do We Reincarnate? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Deepak Chopra examines different theories and perspectives on reincarnation. What is the relationship between memories and our material life? Are memories in our brain or in a consciousness field that transcends space and time?*

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  1. Christine ACB

    A cosmic journey, should be comic

  2. Chris Carter


  3. Learn 'n' Share Academy

    There are many kinds of memory according to vedic culture. For example there is genetic memory and karmic memory. So which kinds of memory gets stored in akashik field?

  4. Osiris Shafer

    So We are constantly reincarnating as humans, some evolving up the spiral and some no depending on many thing,that Iam to tired to think of right BUT when our physical body die and We cremated or bury..We can then reincarnate must likely at the beginning of the chain as a simple organism and go through the circle of life again …as a new human may be can remember our past Life I don’t know…Do you think Iam right?

    1. Magda 13

      I like your ID name …:)

    2. marc rampal

      how is the world population increasing then? if one death = one birth then where is this new population coming from? lets say if rocks, trees and insects are becoming humans then some animals are getting extinct if this theory was right. i don’t know i am curious too lol

    3. Eliane Borges

      @marc rampal May be because the source, the universal soul, is infinite. There would not be a limit to the number of individual souls incarnating on the planet. It may come on and on…

  5. Green-Eyed Child


  6. Edward Vasquez

    I had read about a study where. When rabbits learned new things there were fibers that grew in their brains. And that I believe was insinuating that the memory was physical in the brain. I’m all into Consciousness being available As a separate entity. And within me at the same time..

  7. David Reay

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Deepak is getting younger!

  8. Tasha Harrington

    I love following you, and your collaboration with others!

  9. Mantle Dynamics

    That was a long answer! Time is light and dark energy or aether is programmed in pictures stored like film strips . These pictures are attached to your soul and like the biblical story about the woman who turned to salt is don’t look back. When you reincarnate you can usually come back to your DNA frequency and some of these memories are left over in your old DNA.

  10. Newblessedgrl76

    Yes or No Deepak.

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