Dealing with the Corona Virus

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Dealing with the Corona Virus

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  1. 100%Jim

    The Media makes in worse for the unconscious

    1. Ocy Fofo

      True. 😂

    2. shauna starr

      Kill UR television

    3. kauigirl808

      Nobody wants to die.

    4. Timber Sellick

      @kauigirl808 You’d be surprised

    5. john jay

      @kauigirl808 : True, nobody wants to die yet many say they want to go to heaven… lol.

  2. Francine Byrd

    Thank you for adding a voice of reason at a time when we have a lack of real leadership. I just finished your 21 day meditation on health and wellness. My mindset is more peaceful and practicing meditation everyday.

    1. Lori Anderson

      What lack of leadership? We’ve been told that our risk is low and that we shouldn’t be panicking. Swine flu 2as far worse in 2009

    2. Lori Anderson

      @francine what lack of leadership, our administration has said that our risk is low and not to panic. They put travel restriction on weeks ago and monitoring everything closely with the CDC team. What more do you want

  3. erestube

    “An opportunity for all of us to change to a completely healthy lifestyle.” Extremely wise words. Thank you.

    1. Julie I AM

      I’m sorry but I disagree, smokers have known for ever its killing them yet they smoke, drinkers know they are killing themselves yet they drink, nobody realy cares about living anymore it’s so yesterday😎

    2. robert hay

      Alex Woron The immune system is key..

    3. Balancing From Within

      It’s a way for him to market vaccines which is more harmful than the actual virus. This is just another way to create fear! Be careful! Prepare with homeopathics for the coronavirus along with building your immune system, meditation etc God Forbid but don’t believe everything you hear.

    4. trdbkd11

      Bless vitamin c has been used to effectively treat, etc.

      And china also collaborate with japan and korean with treatments that have had effective progress results. This can be recovered from, pray wellness

    5. coolguy boss

      Thank you ! I like the calm voice which is rear in this end of this system!

  4. Marcela

    his voice is so calming…. I feel better already 🙂

  5. Ocy Fofo

    May Allah punish whomever contribute to any human misery.
    Plz do not panic just take cold shower daily, pray, and purify your body inside out with meditation and natural food.
    Add ginger , garlic to Olive oil add it to greens, cut onions and place them wherever you spend time, even in your work place .

    1. Annette Breton

      Ocy Fofo punishing contributes to even greater misery.

    2. A.D

      God doesn’t punish, that us the work of a human. That us why humanity is in disarray….religion ruins all religions ruin your mind….God is great and full of love. Not punishment and retribution…….evil lives in the heart of the human.

  6. Mind YourOwn

    Definitely boosting my immune system with health supplements, low stress and better sleep!

    1. Z Wright

      Mind YourOwn same. Staying hydrated, keeping the body cool and keeping blood pressure low. Obviously an over heated dehydrated body is ideal for any virus.

    2. Michael Christian

      Mind YourOwn me too but I’m not sure if the supplements will be safe if they are handling them and self mailing ? But I can’t worry about everything so yeah I’m going to wipe mine bottles with disinfectant … or is that not necessary?

    3. Shivanand Gunness

      Use natural vitamins

  7. clay bomb

    Thanks. It’s hard not to have anxiety with all the fear in the news. We need more positive messages like yours.

    1. Sherrie Vogele

      The news stations have to sensationlize everything 2 make it more exciting, more newsworthy so they have good ratings. So they mix a little truth w sensations on purpose to make it exciting. Sick but true.

    2. LaurieJ

      Don’t watch the news. They make it worse than it is and spread fear.

    3. clay bomb

      LaurieJ Yes. That’s great advice Thanks Laurie. Sending you love and positive thoughts 😁

    4. train Music

      I agree the panic & anxiety is over the top in the atmosphere and wonder if this is being calculated to push everyone out of their para sympathetic nervous system and held in the grasp of fight or flight, just find world leaders so lacking in Wisdom that waiting to hear what they have to say or what they plan to do seems more often to be too little to late. I like Host Defense Agarikon supplement and their mushroom extracts, the mycellium connection keeps me pleasantly grounded.

  8. Kathryn Jones

    Does anyone else have a volume deficit? I struggle to hear these wise and pertinent words 😛

    1. Eileen Walker

      He is normally soft-spoken but this video was so low I stopped watching because it was frustrating.