Wisps of memory, threads of desire & the construction of everyday reality

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  3. Eliete Chuff Souto

    Why see the same?

  4. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

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  6. Munish Verma

    Sir are u agree that we can say
    we are in present moment when it is totally new experience to our senses otherwise we live in past plz give ur review on it 🙏🙏

  7. John Rountree

    I use the metaphor that we are Radios and thoughts are the tuners. The radio waves are God. Ego mistake is that we create information, awareness but it is everywhere and we have in capacity to adjust our tuner (ie thought) to receive any information, or awareness possible. We can also set our tuner to off … meditation, which allows us to become aware of the tuner itself and break patterns of only tuning in a certain way all the time.

  8. Andrea Skhy

    A few observations … While all words are conduits employed to transport meaning, they are as incorporeal as the concepts they convey. But simply because we exist in a electromagnetic field rearranging constantly like an ocean about us, does not mean that we die from moment to moment. There are no ghosts in the mix. In fact the definition of death is the cessation of brain activity and mind. So to suggest there is no physical reality, would also be to suggest you do not exist. I have yet to see someone ‘alive’ without either brain or mind. Furthermore, it seems before the body acquired a brain or more accurately as Lipton suggests a “MEM-BRANE” as it’s CEO for coordinating activities, it appears cells were existent in a highly conscious morphogenic field . So it appears the notion of ‘self’ as the Curator of all things is highly anthropocentric.

    Imagination seems to be that process by which we visualize things we have not yet or are currently experiencing which accounts for a great many inventions through the creative process of thought… utilizing ideas in new ways. In fact, “old” is simply a construct of time. Cells are constantly changing at regular intervals. Everything is new in every moment. Words cannot become flesh if there is no physical reality.

    Furthermore although experience suggests consciousness as the Curator, the preponderance of evidence also supports biochemical substrates of experience such as memory, coordinated by the limbic system, via the hippocampus, neocortex and amygdala. Out memories are not ghosts but a photo-sensory album of the past which dims with time. But even that can be interrupted to neutralize the associated emotional correlates with observable changes in the brain.

    So rather than a morose system of ghosts, it appears we are constantly being reborn via cellular networks that support our fancies. We are not simply recycled packages of memory but brand new compilations of thought and experience made possible by the entrance of light! We are the creators from my point of view but only made possible by brain, body and mind. ~ Andrea ( https://www.enlightenedskhy.com/)

  9. Nanette Peraino

    Yes, it makes brilliant sense. A million thanks for your generous and genius sharing.

  10. Ruby Stone

    Repetition is helpful

  11. fred kurzhals

    lucid and inspirational

  12. Bettina Navarro

    I don’t mind being conditioned in the good, positive and enlightened way 🥰

  13. Kanan Sinha

    How to dive into it fully conscious??

  14. jonah pringle

    ☯️☮️🕉 Thank you for your Consciousness

  15. Alia Osman

    Thank you DC ji.

  16. Bee Bop

    It’s pretty heavy duty but yes it does make sense..thank you

  17. Gerard Sanford

    It’s like you are my Universal feedback messenger. Just happened to flip the channel to my newly discovered TBN, whatever that stands for. Anyway the guy quoted the first chapter of John, In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God…In him was Life and the Life was the light of man.
    It seems that everything exists within awareness. Each moment is a new beginning with the past cleared by the flood and the word burns in the baptismal fire of Creation and flows through the fountain head and returns to the Earth.
    I like action adventure movi es about finding cryptic clues. 🌄🔥🌈

  18. Sujatha Ramakrishnan

    Thanks a lot Deepak sir. I am admirer of your talks.Your voice makes me feel peaceful. If you can tell us how to construct and govern in practical terms pls. I understand conceiving and imagining. But how different is Constructing and governing from imagining ?

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  20. Beatriz Monteiro

    Yes, it makes sense to me. I love how you decode all this for us. Thank you, dear Dr. Deepak Chopra.

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