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From Human to #Metahuman
A conversation with Ankur Jain on how to make life more affordable – save money on student loans, rent, and even healthcare. See the work he’s doing at

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  1. Avitazorrah’s Lavender Moon Tarot

    Seattle! I’m south of Bellingham. Greetings!

    1. Avitazorrah’s Lavender Moon Tarot

      Rhino. My grown kids need to know about this!!!!!!!! I’m spreading the word!!!!

  2. Todd Sloan

    Very, very cool good friend there, Deepak!

  3. Bre Z

    wish more men would start thinking this way ❤️

  4. Dennis Bek


  5. About Creativity

    Very good.

  6. Jenifer Prather

    Thank you for sharing and the Creative Enthusiasm…a blank palette for creating a sustainable universe in which we can all contribute …..please consider coming to Memphis Tn and speaking at Rhodes College and University of Memphis –> reach out to Tom Shadyac!!!!

  7. Johanna Leon

    En nuestro país, la constitución de la republica nos otorga esos derechos, los cuales pueden ser demandados legalmente

  8. Dorthe

    Does everything happen for a reason? Or is life just happening? Thank you for this video with a progressive man 😀

  9. Robert Gualtieri

    Wonderful to see young people not waiting for others to solve significant problems in many areas. Ankur you are truly inspiring and validate my believe the the young generations are and will change the world! Thank for Deepak for sharing this

  10. mytaijiquan

    Wonderful ideas! Please come to Europe as well! How about more affordable mini-houses in healthy surroundings with less electric smog (etc) and possibly housing-communities for seniors…
    As well, today I read about a hospital, providing medical care and surgery for children from poor countries that got badly injured/ ill and cannot be healed at home- maybe supporting this kind of non profit institutions with a small percentage like one dollar per person would also be considerable?

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