Falling in Love with Existence

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Falling in Love with Existence – From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Kathia Reeve

    Merry Christmas ­čÄä

  2. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, mery christmas. Thank u.

  3. 1 Regina

    Thank you! EGO=edging God out ­čśŐ blessed for you

  4. Marc Anthony Marquez

    Merry Christmas:)

  5. faith paulele

    It took such a long time to see.

  6. UniversalAbundance999 Eric Smith

    Greetings, Deepak Chopra, Hello I Am Eric Smith- I feel such a deep connection towards you like I attracted you, though I know its the vibrational frequency we resonating on. I Am Profoundly Grateful for All In Existence, I’ve been experiencing Miracles constantly- I have so many testimonies and blessings to share. What you’re speaking on I experience- Everything here feels so Euphoric. It’s amazing to be connected on this level of consciousness- being the indirect observer. I would love to talk to you even discuss collaboration opportunities. Feel free to reach out – [email protected]

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Sending you all my love

    2. AdrianCarrPiano

      Namaste. And many thanks for your recent videos. You bring me closer to all!

  7. Lee Wawson

    Lov*ing the *flow* ,*All Together One* #Vibration ­čöć We’re FlowingIN SelfAware Quantum Plasma Field ­čĆä ­čöÁ~~~~~~#Namaste~~~~~~~­čîÉ

  8. scorpio moon

    Thank you so much for this gift. This video is everything thank you.

  9. Andrea McClure

    ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čÖĆ Love and Light to you beautiful soul Deepak

  10. Cresencio Hernandez

    Thank You same as well

  11. About Creativity

    About Creativity
    15 hours ago (edited)
    Very good, ┬┤┬┤Falling in Love with Existence┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤fall in love with true self┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤unity consciousness┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤one being┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤screen of awareness┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤experience of all objects┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤complete joy┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤modified form of awareness┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤pure consciousness┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤find your true self┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤sensations of body┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤I am = pure consciousness = infinite┬┤┬┤ ┬┤cosmic time┬┤┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤birth and death go together┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤high levels of creativity┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤perpetually surprised┬┤┬┤ falling in love with self is falling in love with existence┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤pure love┬┤┬┤.

  12. Zorica Gulan

    Thank you.

  13. Mrs. Fred Burrell

    A very Merry Christmas Dr. Deepak Chopra. God Bless us All.

  14. HandsomeSexGod

    I love all of you/us ! Have an awesome christmas everyone!

  15. Zorica Gulan

    I can’t find words to express all my feelings. I am watching this video over and over again. I am using that two mantras every day for a while, with amazing experiences. With this video, now, I got a clear view of a lot of things. An answer of my questions asked. I feel as I’ve sky-rocketed in my awareness. Your words ( and not in this video only) are miraclous.
    I am so grateful to the universe that put me in contact with you more than a year ago. I am different person now. I become (somebody I love) since than.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Greatings from Serbia, Europe.

  16. Tina

    I’ll probably be banned for disrespecting this Great spiritual leader but I find him very attractive..

  17. Korey Niese

    Hello Deepak Happy Holidays and blessings your way to you and your family.

  18. Korey Niese

    I love how you handled the Woo Woo Ness.

  19. Samia Maayoufi

    Hello Deepack, is contemplation one aspect of falling in love with existence?

  20. Vanita Lakhwala

    Elementary, Dr. Chopra, Elementary! Thank You for so much Clarification. Blessings.

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