Desire, Intention, Will and Destiny

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Kevin Thomas

    A choice of I am the ice cream that already exists and choice to allow the attraction of where the ice cream can realign with the desire

  2. Kevin Thomas

    The flavor of consciousness

  3. Austin Artist

    I’m glad to catch this:)

  4. train Music

    I am truly humbled by the wealth of knowledge or actually wisdom you have and not only share but are gifted in conveying it in a manner understandable, oh yes a more sustainable and much kinder to animal world would be a joy to wake up too, thank you !

  5. Honestmicky

    Thank you Deepak for this great teaching lesson, much appreciated. I live in Los Angeles so it’s very nice to have you visit our lovely city. Have a good time here, and a nice trip back to the Big Apple : )

  6. Leana Todd

    thank you! ♡

  7. Tan Killen

    Thank you ❤

  8. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  9. Grace Forgivness

    Watching this I had a tremendous ‘desire’ for ice cream.

  10. scorpio moon

    I was waiting for this. Thank you so much. Yoi must have read my vibrations.

    1. indrani sarma

      Very well said

  11. Goutam Dutta

    The interesting thing to learn here is the more subtle the intention is, the more powerful it is……thank you.

  12. Leighvonne Lim

    Universal Awareness….. Samadhi. Going into transcendance
    *What do I want*
    Profound explanation…..need to relisten many times.
    Thank you for this excellent podcast!
    12th Jan 2020
    Time: 1102Hr

  13. brett neuberger

    Deepak, Thank you so much for this explanation! I bought your book yesterday with the intent to better understand this very question. I suppose I can return it now that I’ve gotten my answer from YouTube instead :). Joking of course, I’m thoroughly enjoying your book and highly recommend it!

    Your good friend, the late, Wayne Dyer, helped open my eyes to an entirely new world of self discovery after I read his book, The Power If Intention. Yet, reconciling desire has always been, what I consider, one of the greatest obstacles I’ve faced on my journey to Truth. Your description here resonates deeply within, and I’m so very grateful to you for answering my call for help. With love, sir…..Thank you!

  14. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´relationship between desire,(subtle) intention, will and destiny´´. ´´you are what your deepest desire is´´ = example ice cream !.) desire. ´´actionable´´ ´´unmanifest becoming the manifests´´ ´´what is desire? – pure potential, consciousness´´ ´´ desire is non-physical / mental´´ ´´ how does mental / physical worlds interaction? + two different things´´ ´´cartesian split´´ ´´experience starts with desire´´ ´´pure potentiality´´ ´´pure consciousness´´ ´´universal consciousness´´ ´´infinite………….´´ ´´universal awareness´´ ´´what do I want?´´ ´´asking question before going to sleep´´ ´´qualia´´

  15. Good Grief

    Hello Sir, I hope u r doing great xxx

  16. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak 🙏
    Using Language to describe truth is a challenge because one word can have 10 different meanings and no words can truly describe truth.

  17. Beatriz Monteiro

    Dear Deepak, thank you for today’s teachings. I needed it and was hoping I would find a teaching of yours that would help me and it was exactly what you’ve shared with us today. Thank you. And Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! Namasté.

  18. Hoàng Lê

    Thank you

  19. Elizabeth Agnese

    I feel that you are talking directly to me. Your expressions are vivid, luminous, and have clarity of the natural state of the mind.
    You are deeply appreciated. Elizabeth Agnese, M.A. (Santa Monica, CA)

  20. fadi 6917

    Thank you Mr chopra for your wisdom of consciousness.

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