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Did the cosmos create consciousness or consciousness created the cosmos? Can they be both the same thing? Watch Deepak explaining this complex question!

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  1. Uran Enkh

    I agree with you. Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

  2. loupsyche

    I think it’s impossible for a human to understand how or what created us because we are not that thing . We are a part of it but we are not all of it . We are a part of conciousness but total consciousness we cannot understand as we are not total conciousness we are only a cog in the wheel

    1. Michael Davidson

      I don’t believe we are merely a “cog in the wheel.” That’s mechanistic industrial age thinking, using a mechanistic, industrial age analogy.

  3. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Yes… of course there can not be other explanation as described in this video post…….. confirmed by spiritual scriptures/sages and many great scientists like Noble prize winner Dr. Brian Jopsons,Dr.R.Sheldreck,Dr.Menas K.& dozens of others great scientists who did not care for skeptics and patiently studied Hindu Vedas/Gita scriptures and there opinions are also almost similar…..even great scientists like Dr. Schrodinger,Dr. Bhors,Dr Heisenberg etc.studied Hindu scriptures /vedas but they may have not got much time to study in depth in their life span…. thanks 🙏.

  4. Hanna RAOUL

    yes, it is the same, in a symphony

  5. J P

    Why does the oneness need a creative agency?Because, in oneness nothing happens. So, the oneness has to create limitations so that something happens. As soon as we get limitations then we have choice. 🙂

  6. Lighteningthedark

    R U asking- “Is the universe simply consciousness?

  7. fadi 6917

    Thank you Deepak. Yes it makes sense. The universe exist because of my consciousness and my beeingness. I (we) am the univers and rhe univers is me.

  8. Joe Brennan.

    A sunbeam cannot be separated from the sun, likewise your soul ( consiousness ) cannot be separated from God. (source )

  9. DΞVAN

    What the heck? Lol. Does a yone actually believe this?

  10. stefan stoss

    dr deepak chopra isvery clear about the ancient vedic knowledge expressed in english sri Krishna in ” on the bhagavad gita “: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1966 says be beyond the 3 guna possessed of the SELF independent of possessions etc self big SELF is ATMA thats the word in sanskrit Krishna actually speaks the vedic language somewhat more than sanskrit it is th elanguage of god in weekly world press conferences quantum physicist Brahmachari Maharishi said ATMA is consciousness pure unbounded and he and superstring theorist J Hagelin said ATMA is like Einstein;s unified field these days called E8XE8 heterotic superstring field

    so pure consciousness has created the universe then it evolves thta in accord with natural law that is rik veda the constitution of th euniverse unfolds itself in to physical relaity Hagelin said VEDA is the blueprint of the human body
    ” human physiology : expression of veda and vedic literature :” tony Nader MD PHD MARR

  11. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Mind, matter, music and mathematics does make sense especially after watching your videos with the physicist from Seoul. As a student who first studied music, I see it as a language. It is one that helped me to study mathematics which is also a language.

    Mathematical equations are seen in nature if we pay attention with our conscious awareness. Music is the same. I can hear it in a bird’s song.

    From my past education and the societal and familiar constructs I wouldn’t have understood it as such. Now that I have spent years studying new ideas (to me) such as your own, those of Wayne Dyer, Lao Tzu (The Tao you can name is not the Tao) among the many ideologies I learned in ethics I can think of no better way to describe our universe. It’s elegant even.

  12. Elaine Spencer

    You misspelled consciousness!!!

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