Does The Higgs Boson Rule Out The Existence Of God? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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What is the Higgs Boson and why is it called “the God particle”? Deepak Chopra explains the elusive and ephemeral existence of this newly discovered particle, which imbues other particles with mass. Looking to conceptions of divinity, infinite consciousness, divine creation, our perceptual experience of the universe, and other ideas — Deepak shows the limitations and possibilities of this scientific discovery to explain ultimate reality.

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  1. Angelica Skelly

    Brahman that’s not virtual infinite God.

  2. abhishek sanghi

    sir happy mahashivratri. you are true healer please reply me sir a huge fan from india

  3. sharon anderson

    Perceptual reality is not infinite reality. Brillant.

  4. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Thank you sir! A virtual forcefield giving the physical universe properties is a fascinating discussion. I agree that it doesn’t negate the notion of God. Perceptual interpretation of the universe is a qualia experience and there isn’t a physicalist explanation solving the question of god.

    I agree that perceptual reality isn’t the ultimate reality. Human perception can be skewed in what we refer to as “the mind” or consciousness. Mindfulness and dialectics have taught me that thoughts and emotions “lie.” They are only perception. So perceptual reality can change, therefore changing the world we experience.

    The field of infinite possibilities as the mind of God is a good way to bring a philosophical (the best term I can think of) ideology into a sort of marriage with the physicalist view. I am prone ro believe this given what I studied in ethics – which is perceptual reality.

    It doesn’t entirely explain the notion in physicalist terms. It does give a better idealogical interpretation to “scientific fact.” To me, I prefer this explanation above that of Socrates’ question on God from my study in Ethics. None of the views I studied answered the question well due to flaws.

    Everything does come from particles. This perception arises from what I have learned in University (I study Mathematics and Chemistry). Chemistry breaks down units into particles and shows the nature of the objects we perceive.

    Sat Chit Ananda

  5. E Man

    Here is the answer. No! because God is the last thing we ever discover.

    Here a question. Was math invented or discovered by humans?

    1. Özgür Haberci


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