What is identity?

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From Human to #Metahuman: What is identity?

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  1. DB


  2. Tommy Ericsson

    I Wish you a Merry Christmas, and thank you for an educational year! 🙏

  3. scorpio moon

    I started watching you this year. You say things that I always sensed at always knew. Thank you for the confirmation and connection.
    Sending love to you.

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Love !

    2. Deepak Chopra

      Thank you! Love

  4. Ruby Stone

    Handsome Man

  5. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak 🙏

  6. Noushad PA

    Thank you dear Deepak

  7. Rick Mac


  8. Saloni Aurora

    Deepak what you’re doing here is probably the most toughest thing a person can do. You’re pointing to the truth. Yet most people watching this will misinterpret what you’re saying based on the level of cognitive development they’re at. You’re pointing to the moon but they’re focusing on your hand.

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Sending you love

  9. About Creativity

    Very good start.

  10. Revolver Heart

    Thank you sir! And if i may, i have a question. What happens to the personal soul after the death of the body/mind? My father recently passed and i feel connected to him in the Love we shared and keep sharing. But still, i guess my Ego/mind keeps asking this question, the question like: Where is he now and what happened to his personal Soul. I do believe we are eternal and at the baseline of everything there is just oneness. 0=♾=1 BUT my attachement to my fathers personal Soul is obviously still here. If actually there is NOTHING personal and all is NO-THING-NESS of infinite possibilities, there is yet another question. Why do we even have the experience of “seperate Self” and all this illusion and attachement to our loved ones, just to find out that all of this doesnt really exist, and to come back to the real HOME. Thank you sir and God bless you 🙏🏼❤️

    1. Deepak Chopra

      V grateful for your insights . Love

  11. Honestmicky

    Outstanding video, thanks for posting Deepak. You are Beautiful : )

  12. tHE wHITE hOT mA mA'SS

    wow, what an honor, on the edge of my seat sir

  13. Phoenix Star

    Dec 2019. Namaste Deepak. “the only constant in that changing activity is the awareness of consciousness that we call I or I am” PEACE&LOVE

  14. La Tejana Urbana

    Ruth, as my trueself, is unbounded.

  15. Hiruye Afework


  16. Sylvia Scoggin

    Thank you for this video. I think though that you meant a “Tadpole” becomes a frog. Not a toad. Ha they DO sound an awful lot alike!!! : )

  17. Ms Chinx

    Deepak I love how you explain.

  18. fadi 6917

    Just imagine that your video streaming without ads. How could we to not be interrupted by those annoying ads.

  19. fadi 6917

    Thank you deepak.
    The absolute true is spoken through you.

  20. Vanita Lakhwala

    I can relate to this. Thank You for Your sharing your experience, wisdom and your explorations. You Lead Us True. Much Love.

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