Energetic Protection – How to Have Healthy Boundaries

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Empathic Protection, Energetic protection & Psychic Protection are vital to your well being!

Empaths, HSPs, Psychics, Sensitives and Intuitives. These five essential steps will help you maintain positive energy at all times.

Do you feel depleted by other people or your environment?
Are you drained when you talk to certain people?
Do you pick up other people’s feelings?

Good news! You can protect your energy from negativity, and maintain positive energy!

In this video, I share with you five essential steps for protecting your energy so you can feel great and transform your sensitivity into your greatest strength.

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  1. Ελενα Τσεπελη

    Thank you Kari!!!💟💟💟💟

  2. 4Me2BeMe

    Every morning ritual to stay healthy ! ! ! Thank-You for this Beautiful Gift right at Christmas as Good Will for All!!!

    1. Somia Essaid

      Well said. This is truely a most beautiful Gift at the right time too 🙂

    2. Tina Walker

      Beautiful. I know this but so so needed to be reminded. Your light reminded me the gift of being a light worker is essential work. Thank you.

  3. Sallianne Reed

    Hi Kari I so understand where you are coming from as I’m an empath and nurse . This area of protection with your aura is so very important for your continued happiness and joy and to bring healing to others in need. Thank you for your insight and life coping skills much appreciated. Much gratitude Sallianne

  4. RED Patty D

    Luv this. Thank u!!

  5. Carol Smith

    Thank you blessings 💖

  6. michele taylor

    Thank you so much I am an empath and a hair stylist . I needed this !! I love you💕

    1. Shawnee Faye Hunter

      Thank you Kari! I really love watching your videos. There’s so much I learned in this video. Please keep sharing! I feel sooooo much and I am a people pleaser so to hear all of this helps me grow stronger in my uniqueness! Look forward to watching more!

  7. Somia Essaid

    Hi Kari, I’m the kind of person that gives ,….of myself, my belongings, my time and all my attention to others; be it family members, colleagues, people I work with and strangers; til I feel empty. I used to believe that it’s an act of egoisme to put myself first untill this last summer. I just had to remove myself from everything and everyone. I couldn’t bear anything or anyone… I got almost burned out and started to feel resentment and hoplessness. You are so right about everything you said! I felt like: Stop this train, I want to get off! anywhere just away from people, public places…. All environements seemed too harsh and I wanted to stay home and close the door for ever! Thank you so much. I will surely have to watch this video over and over… Thank you for this amazing message. Love and Light <3

  8. Rasheeda Williams

    Thank you Kari! I love your videos and this really resonates with me. Now on to one of your meditation videos ☺️

  9. Linda Goodwillie

    Thank you Kari! Yes I absolutely do relate. I appreciate you sharing this advice. Blessings to you.

  10. Kate Rogers

    Great list Kari. I had to learn over decades that my negativity was inherited by the people around me, family of origin etc. it is quite a paradigm shift to begin holding my jaguar self while others continue to drive jalopies…what fun you are!

    1. Luna The god

      Kate Rogers wow me too ❤️

  11. Gypsy Jade

    Needed to hear this much, thank you

  12. Jhane McGuirk

    Thank you, Kari! This is a reminder to keep my “shields up” as I am always forgetting and people creep in to my space. Yes, the mall is awful, I can only shop with others to distract myself, though I rarely go. My family comes home and I am their sounding board. Yay me. I know they need to vent, we all do, and I need to work harder with those close to me. I like being a Jag (Ironically my fave car) ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Sun Fairy

    Kari you are such a ray of light ☀️ ♥️

  14. Lacey K

    Amazing, thank you ✨💚✨

  15. Marina Sinebok

    Thank you for sharing this, beautiful Kari, It’s sooo helpful. I feel such a release just after listening to this🙏💕

  16. Alina Mcleod

    Thank you so much, Kari! Your work means so much to me <3

  17. Anita Carter

    Yes, I am definitely a people pleaser… And the key to that is to set boundaries, and learn to say NOOOOO 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏻

  18. Anita Carter

    PROTECT YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR PEACE!!! Do not let negative or toxic people run your life… You have to take charge… Some people take your kindness for weakness!

  19. Conny Graf - From Chaos to Peace

    This was so timely, thank you so much. Even though I know this from the work I do, I forget when I am in the situation and don’t cleanse myself. Thank you for the reminder.

  20. sandra marie

    Now, I understand so much better, (first accept that I’m an empath and do the changes I have to do!) (Vampire energies at home!!!)
    Thanks!, love, light and blessings!

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